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As I was falling asleep
« on: March 10, 2013, 09:04:24 PM »
I'm always trying to improve on the design of Noks knives this idea came to me last night as a waited to fall asleep could not wait to get up and make the prototype

The idea was to only put the inner padding strip on the areas that would be making contact in use this  will allow Nok to make a better proportioned trainer without having to thin down the core and sacrificing strength of the trainer for proportion.

Blade with sides attached before outer padding strip

edge view from the top of the blade

Outer padding strip added waiting to be trimmed, shaped and cleaned up with a hand sanding

finished blade... this process is more work and will be used on custom work where the customer is wanting Nok to copy a specific type of blade letting her get closer to the actual size without losing strength or safety in the finished trainer