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Annual Live Cannon Shoot
« on: January 26, 2009, 08:44:09 AM »
A friend just forwarded me this for those of you with a cannon in the garage you've been itching to fire! The public is also welcome to watch.  8-)

" Friends;
Save this date:  Saturday, February 21   This is the 5th US Artillery's
(of the Civil War Reenactment Society) annual LIVE SHOOT.  Cannon owners from all over the state come to the Tulare County foothills to fire their Civil War era reproduction cannons
at various targets and see who's got the best aim!  There is really no official competition, as just watching the reaction of the guns with real ammunition is a lesson in itself.
This is the information we have so far:   It will be held on the Trivoli Ranch here in Tulare County Cutler area) and it's normally a one day thing starting at 9:00 a.m., but there has been talk of possibly allowing us to tent there overnight.  Even if that doesn't happen, it's an all day thing, so if you're traveling from a fair distance, plan to just "hold up" with us here at our place (Exeter, CA - about 25 miles from the site), and make a weekend of it. We have more than an acre to park motorhomes, cannons, etc.  If you have a cannon you want to bring, contact Steve Miller, 5th US Artillery Cmdr (real soon) at: for approval/ instructions/ requirements, etc.
Here's a link to pix from last years shoot!
  Let us hear from you!
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