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Integrating Skills and Enhancing Martial Ability
« on: March 16, 2009, 09:59:17 AM »
 I can't remember being this anxious about anything since I stepped off that bus at Paris Island and being greeted by a drill instructor. :-P The Kali Tudo2 DVD is just about ready and I have had mine pre ordered for awhile now. There is still time for you to pre order yours and while you are doing that you should take a look at the other training that's available. Everything you need to integrate your skills so that you can get across the various ranges of fighting and bring effective fighting methods into good use is there for you. It's one thing to have kicking and grappling skills, but it's an entirely different thing putting those skills to use when someone is trying to beat you to death with a stick! How are you going to kick someone or take someone to the ground when they are wearing you out with that weapon? It's not likely that you're going to just take one to the head as you close, like a punch from a boxer. You'll end up on the ground alright... with a cracked skull. :evil:
 These DVD's are available right now, no waiting: Kali Tudo 1, Los Triques, Snaggletooth Variations, and the second series RCSF tapes, the Fang Choke and Attacking Blocks among others. Get these then join the DBMAA so you can get Stick Grappling, Stick Clinch, Merge Theory, and Short Impact Weapons. These vid lessons are for members only and membership is only for those that are serious about being a part of Dogbrothers Martial Arts. The members only site has a great forum and the growing list of elite martial artist there engage each other with information you won't hear about anywhere else.
 It's time that you've made an investment in your martial art's future; one that will payoff in many different ways and won't leave you down and out. Pre order Kali Tudo 2, order some training DVD's that will be at your door in a few days and join the DBMAA. When you take that step there won't be anybody yelling at you like they did me when I rolled off that bus and put my feet on those yellow footprints as a Marine Recruit back in 1980. Of course someone may take a swing at you just to help you grow in your quest to be a warrior all your days! :-D
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