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Attn: Deadly Balintawak
« on: January 26, 2004, 09:34:25 AM »
please e-mail privately at
I just was wondering why your position changes with every other post.
And just so you know, I have never trained in modern arnis.
I trained in the Inosanto Kali Blend & now only Balintawak & Muay Thai for the past 3 years.
And I will always "put up or shut up" I challenged both Dennis & Alvin to meet me.  I was there - neither of them showed up.

again, sorry Guro Crafty but this fool insulted my group & therefore my teacher & since no one posts their e-mail I once again have to tie up your board. I hope you understand and I will now refrain from posting regarding these matters further.


P.S. I really enjoy the Krabi Krabong tape, no way would i want to take one of Arjarn Salty's round kicks to the ribs:!: then 2 sticks to the head. :!:

Dennis Flores

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you suck, boy!!!
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2004, 07:03:26 PM »
Well Rob, you boviously have some psychological issues, you need professional help! You fantasize too much of a challenge match with me. Like I said before, if you are really determined to see what you got then I suggest you stop talking and come show it. If all you do is talk online you will see no results and I suggest you shut up. Dont tell me I didnt show up in your fantasy land cuz I dont need to see you, you're the challenger so I invite you to come here to Loma Linda, CA. If you cant do that then go watch Sesame Street, it'll be educational for you.

I created this website ( ) in return for the Generosity that my uncle, SGM Ising Atillo, showed me. Everything here came from his own mouth and if that's the reason you're pissed off, you can go tell Ising Atillo that his history is all wrong. It's like I, a Filipino and you, an American telling you the history of America.

i'm tired of entertaining psychos like you so either you show up here and prove it or shut up. You've been emailing me same crap each time for a year now and it's not amusing anymore.

I can't believe you're a psychic too! telling me when I came to the U.S. LOL -- Oh and who are you to tell me i'm not from Cebu? LOL -- wow! you're good... good to go to a mental hospital.
Buang man diay kang amawa ka! Amerikanong pisot! Kinsa gud tawon kang buanga ka nga mo ingun nako nga dili ko taga Cebu. hah! Sige lang ka'g storya way buhat!

Have your translator translate that... You are obviously one ignorant man and a psycho one too! Been a year telling you that all this came from the mouth of Ising Atillo and not from me and still you don't understand. *sigh* get a life, a job, and a woman! That might help you forget this topic.


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Attn: Deadly Balintawak
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2004, 10:02:55 PM »
Woof Gentlemen:

After giving a long leash to the original thread and finally locking it, now I check in on the Forum from here in Toronto Canada to find this.  I lack the capacity to delete from here but will probably do so upon my return to Hermosa Beach.

Time to give it a rest.

Crafty Dog

Alvin Ylaya

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« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2004, 08:01:44 PM »
I really never understood what he wanted. We didn't make that history up, it came from Ising. None of the students have the right to change that. Attacking Dennis and myself really won't change Ising's history.

Obviously, as students we believe Ising (as supposed to listening to a some stranger we don't know or trust). I don't know why this is so hard to understand.

I told him several times to make his own website and tell it as he wants. I think I've said enough about this history thing.


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Attn: Deadly Balintawak
« Reply #4 on: February 02, 2004, 10:00:23 PM »
A fair point and a good one to bring this matter to a close here.

Due to my technical stupidity I don't know how to lock this down, and so I simply ask for no further posts on this matter.

Crafty Dog