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G M's guide to surviving CW2

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G M:

A very good choice for a defensive shotgun.

G M:

This will be much more common CONUS soon.

G M:

--- Quote from: G M on September 16, 2019, 01:16:57 PM ---Avoid the gunfight, if you can, but the first rule of gunfighting is "have a gun".

If you go to gun forums, you'll often get advice that you must own the latest and greatest weapon systems that cost thousands of dollars and may not be legal where you are currently located. My recommendations are based on weapons that are probably legal most anywhere in the US, decent quality based on the price point (The most BANG for your buck), and when possible has a potential for hunting as well as self defense.

1.The first on the list is the Ruger 10/22. I would advise a Takedown model in stainless steel for ease of transport and resistance to adverse conditions. https://ruger.com/products/1022Takedown/models.html



2. 12 gauge pump shotgun. Much less friendly to the new shooter, but it's flexibility and ballistic effectiveness vastly outweigh the difficulties in learning to run it. During the "Ammo-pocalypse" on the Obama years, 12 gauge shells were the one type of ammunition still available at the stores. It can be used for small game, big game and self defense quite effectively. Obviously, there are many 12 gauge shotguns for sale, this is my current recommendation for the best hunting/self defense/price point option: https://www.mossberg.com/product/maverick-88-security-field-combo-31014/


3. The snubnose hammerless revolver in .38/9mm or .357
Often ignored as a defensive weapon in current times, it brings many qualities to the table. It does require grip strength that may make it difficult for women or those with physical limitations, but learning to run it under stress and using it in extreme close quarters life or death fights are where it shines. It's also very easy to conceal and carry in non-permissive environments. See the first rule about gunfighting above.





Note: The snubby .357 Magnums are not user friendly for new shooters.


--- End quote ---

G M:

I strongly recommend you seize this opportunity.


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