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The 2014 Midwest Training Groups “Get-to-Gether” will be held June 21st and 22nd

  Schedule Of Events

Early arrival available for folks traveling on Friday night,

Special "late night" session available on Friday night the 20th

 Saturday June 21st

 Arrival Time 8am: Set Up Camp -
 9am -10 am Intro to Soto Zen meditation  Greg Jah  
 10am-11am Guro Marc Denny
 11am-12pm DBMA Instructor "Terry  C- Shadow dog Crutcher
 12pm-1:30pm Lunch
 1:30- 3:30 *Private Sessions available with Guro Marc Denny*
 1:30-2:30pm Group Leader Carlos "C Maul dog" Flores :
 2:30-3:30 Pete -"c Smiling dog" Juska
 3:30pm-4:30pm Guro Marc Denny
 5pm-6:30pm Dinner
 *6:30pm-7:30pm Additional Private Sessions available with Guro Marc Denny*
6:30pm-7:30pm  DBMA Group Leader Justin Lock
7:30-8:30pm-Stick fighter Archetypes clinic
8:30 Bonfire

Sunday  June 22nd
Sunday morning will be set aside for sparring and fight prep,  THIS IS NOT A DOG BROTHERS GATHERING OF THE PACK, this is a fight day to test your art and grow your game, this is a perfect opportunity for beginners to get their feet wet in a safe and supportive environment.
 Fight Time 9am-12pm *Please make sure you have all of your protective gear*
 Site must be vacated by 3pm

  this event cost for one or two days  is $85
 Private Sessions with Guro Marc Denny $125.00 per hour

 We are camping at Timer Ridge Site #3
 This is a primitive camp site so please bring a tent. No electric or water at this site. There will be restrooms and a shower facility within the camp grounds. These facilities will be within walking or a short driving distance. Please bring your own food and water or beverages of your choice. A grill for cooking will be provided. Site MUST BE VACATED by 3pm June 22nd.

Moraine View State Park IL.
 27374 Moraine View Park Rd.
 LeRoy, IL 61752

 Any further questions please contact:
 C-Shadow Dog Terry Crutcher

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I would add that the synergy of the "DBMA Midwest Training Groups" is exemplary and that anyone who comes will find themselves genuinely welcomed.

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The camp is just a week away now.

This is the perfect opportunity to turn off the cellphone, get back to nature and train with an amazing group of instructors under the leadership of Guro Denny.

This camp is for practitioners of all levels, from the beginner, to the person who has been training for the last 30 years.

You DO NOT have to fight or spar on Sunday, some times being the watcher resonates the clearest for some in the moment. If you want to dip your toe in the water with soft sticks and lots of protective gear this is also encouraged. In addition to having "The Guiding Force" Guro Marc Denny there will also be 3 candidate dog brothers in attendance, a few dogs and others who have fought at gatherings of the pack, i mention this because these people will be present and are highly qualified to move safely with beginners as they develop their game.

To speak for a moment about Saturday, that's where the majority of the training will occur and that is the perfect place for a practitioner to shine as they develop foot work, drilling competency, learn to integrate the installing of bilateralism and the synchronization of upper and  lower body movement,   No egos or attitudes just a lot of folks who care about each other and press development of the practitioner, the fighter and most importantly the person.

Looking forward to seeing and training with you all. If you have questions or are on the fence don't hesitate to call or email.

Terry "c- shadow dog" Crutcher
DBMA instructor