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Krabi Krabong in the Movies

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Guard Dog:
So it looks like we might get to see some stick action in Mission Impossible III.  Has anyone else heard anything about this?



The sequel to ONG BAK came out a few weeks ago in Thailand apparently. It's called Tom Yung Gung...

other good mavies with Krabi:

Bangjaran- It's like a thai braveheart type story.

Sema the Ayodhya Warrior - good duel sequences

Ong Bak- the best damn muay thai movie ever.

Shockingly enough....

There is a Bond movie with Roger Moore as 007 in which there is a Krabi Krabong sword fight!

I just saw it two weeks ago on AMC.

"The Man with the Golden Gun"

Just watched "tom yum goong" starring tony jaa.  Some KK including a modified mai sowks fight sequence. Plus the capoeira vs. muay thai fight scene is probably one of the best i've ever seen.


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