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CAmp Williams UT seminar
« on: April 14, 2014, 01:30:41 PM »
This past weekend was my third time with 19th SF Camp Williams, Utah (tangent-- normally US Marines use "camp" and US Army uses "Fort". However, 19th SF has it origins in the National Guard, hence the use of "Camp").

I would like to acknowledge and thank my friend Tuhon Jared Wihongi of PTK, who was the official combatives instructor for 19th for a few years, for opening the door for me to go there and a special woof of thanks to Sgt Brett W. for his part in making all this happen.

In attendance were folks from 19th and a number of civilian friends. Naturally with this group the continuing focus tends to be on the Die Less Often material. So as to continue the progression with returning players yet not leave new players feeling left out, this was the progression:

Saturday AM: I taught DBMA SIW (Short Impact/Contact Weapons). Here the central theme is to defend one's bubble (a.k.a. ST. FOOM).

Tuhon Jared, who is also a Salt Lake City SWAT LEO and Instructor taught "tactical clinch." As many of you have heard me say over the years, Pekiti Tirsia Kali is one of the three main FMA influences on DBMA and there is considerable natural interface between the two systems.

This was amply demonstrated by Tuhon Jared's instruction for the Saturday afternoon segment. His tactical clinch material blends with very well with DBMA curriculum and doctrine.

Sunday morning I taught Kali Tudo Dracula Fang into the Dog Catcher against "Joe Generic MMA fighter".

Thus the stage was set for DLO on Sunday afternoon: The SIW idiom of movement is how we seek to solve the pushing or grabbing of the empty hand of the Prison Sewing Machine attack and the familiarization with the Dog Catcher that comes from applying it in the MMA context makes it more natural and more intuitive in the DLO context-- this is the logic of this particular progression and as I watched people vigorously play with the material I felt this progression was well confirmed.

As people played, Tuhon Jared and I wandered around and gave individual pointers.

Then it was time to have dinner at Jared's home with his wonderful wife Camille and meet their new daughter and on to the airport and home to my family.

Jared and I enjoy working together and we are strategizing for doing more of the same.

The Adventure continues!
Guro Crafty/Marc