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Rules of the Road/Fire Hydrant/Self Intro

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Woof All:

The rules of the road around here are pretty simple:

1) Good manners: we speak to each other as if we were face to face.

2) Genuine content:  Please limit your posts that really have something to say.  If you are pasting something from elsewhere, please be sure to specifty the source (name, URL, that sort of thing).  If you do not have the source, please explain why.

3)  WE SEEK TRUTH.  Not to profit or be a prophet, but to seek the truth.  If the facts prove us wrong, we change our minds.

4)  Given the nature of WW3 and the generally low level of understanding of Islam in our culture, it is natural that there will be many pieces about Islam.  Some of them will be negative.  Some of them will be positive.  ALL of them are to be in search of truth.  If you disagree with something that someone else prints, the answer is to persuade with Reason and Reality. 

5)  Before starting a new thread, please look to see if your post logically fits in an existing thread.  The more we maintain thread coherence, the more these threads become valuable as repositories of info and intel.

No doubt I well be editing and amending these rules as time goes by, but for the moment these will do.

The Adventure continues,
Marc (Crafty Dog)

6)  If you are cross-current or even against the general currents of thinking around here, we encourage you to participate.  Remember, the mission here is to search for TRUTH.  Chattering class shoutfests on TV are NOT the model here.  The model is that of gracious conversation after dinner where everyone at the table is assumed to be bright, educated and thoughtful and Reason is the mode of discourse.

Woof All:

We will be re-naming the forum to something reflects the true range of our interests.  My friend from OP Gene suggests "Culture, Economics, Investing, Politics, Religion, Science, Technology, and More" which, although a tad unweildy, does communicate the gist of it  :-D

Anyone have something to suggest which would convey this a bit more concisely?


G M:


The Omnologist Manifesto
Howard Bloom

We are blessed with a richness of specializations, but cursed with a paucity of panoptic disciplines-categories of knowledge that concentrate on seeing the pattern that emerges when one views all the sciences at once. Hence we need a field dedicated to the panoramic, an academic base for the promiscuously curious, a discipline whose mandate is best summed up in a paraphrase of the poet Andrew Marvel: Let us roll all our strength and all Our knowledge up into one ball, And tear our visions with rough strife Through the iron gates of life.

Omnology is a science, but one dedicated to the biggest picture conceivable by the minds of its practitioners. Omnology will use every conceptual tool available-and some not yet invented but inventible-to leapfrog over disciplinary barriers, stitching together the patchwork quilt of science and all the rest that humans can yet know. If one omnologist is able to perceive the relationship between pop songs, ancient Egyptian graffiti, Shirley MacLaine's mysticism, neurobiology, and the origins of the cosmos, so be it. If another uses mathematics to probe traffic patterns, the behavior of insect colonies, and the manner in which galaxies cluster in swarms, wonderful. And if another uses introspection to uncover hidden passions and relate them to research in chemistry, anthropology, psychology, history, and the arts, she, too, has a treasured place on the wild frontiers of scientific truth-the terra incognita in the heartland of omnology.

Let me close with the words of yet another poet, William Blake, on the ultimate goal of omnology:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.


--- Quote from: Crafty_Dog on October 22, 2006, 04:41:42 AM ---
Anyone have something to suggest which would convey this a bit more concisely?


--- End quote ---

Sounds like you're aiming for classic liberal studies which, alas, have to be diffentiated from most liberal curriculums as currently practiced.

Been rereading Ambrose Bierce's Devil's Dictionary, which brought this quote to mind:

ACADEME, n.  An ancient school where morality and philosophy were taught.

ACADEMY, n.  [from ACADEME]   A modern school where football is taught.

To which I'd add:

UNIVERSITY, n. A postmodern school where identity politics are taught, though "taught" is the wrong paradigm as it is based on Western patriarchal vestiges.


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