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Woof to all
« on: October 19, 2006, 09:51:00 PM »
Hello! Just a post to say hi and introduce myself to you guys. I'm Jason from Arizona. Pipefitter by trade. No experience in MA, Filipino or otherwise. I joined the forums a few days ago and never got an activation e-mail. I had such a good experience getting that straigtened out with *pretty_kitty*,that I decided to order the whole set of  RCSF DVDs. So, I'm sitting here waiting for em patiently and saying hi.

I read in another post (search is my friend) that the first couple of tapes are for solo training and I plan to do so. But are there others in the Valley (west side) that would like to get together a few times a week and play human pinata?  :evil:

Also, I'm fascinated by footwork I watch vids on youtube of Chinese and Filipino martial arts and while I appreciate the fancy moves and blurring speeds, I wish they'd do some close ups of the feet. You might say I have a foot(work) fetish.  :-D How often do you guys practice foot work?

Well, I have a ton of questions but hopefully I'll get most of em answered when the DVDs get here. Guro Crafty, you did send it via the special black hole vortex I requested so it'll get here last week, right?   :wink:

look forward to conversing with you guys in the coming weeks and years.



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Re: Woof to all
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2006, 09:19:19 AM »
woof amenkhet,
welcome. i am sure that u will find some training partners in the valley if not i am sure that some of the guys can give u tips on how 2 "persuade" some people.
as u will find footwork is one of the foundations of dbma and in the rcsf series thee is a vid just 4 that.( i have "power" and i am putting funds 2gether 4 the rest of the series)
good luck and train hard!