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  I am more curious about how injuries are managed to the point that you can continue to train, assuming you fight one or two days a week.  Not to mention how many three-weapon masks you go through in regular training  :-).


Like a professional Boxer, Thai fighter or even grappler training percautions are taken. I have no intention of doing a Gathering but even I can train with a group, spar and learn the craft the same way I can train at a MT or jits gym. the misconception just like in Thai or jits is that it's balls to the walls full contact.

I apologize for responding as I only occassionally and recently train with No Ho, but as a newbie I saw the quote and thought the heart of the question really is How can I train without killing myself and students? I understand that concern LOL

If there is a group or seminar near you...check it out'll be very pleased with the safety concerns, the intelligence of thee guys and the practicality of it..It makes sense

Hope this helps


Martial Arts Topics / Re: UFC/MMA Thread
« on: March 03, 2011, 06:47:53 PM »
It keeps getting backed up. I thought it was April in malasyia.. No knees. No elbows

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Guro Poi Dog
« on: February 26, 2011, 10:37:00 PM »
Congratulations and thank you for working with me today.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: R.I.P. C-Desert Dog
« on: February 23, 2011, 11:56:40 PM »
Sorry for your loss

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Dealing with the adrenaline dump
« on: January 19, 2011, 10:29:00 AM »
I think most have have issues with this to some degree and it gets compounded to a degree by performance anxiety as well

Mental programing and rehearsal will help. Shadow boxing with the mind

Years ago I developed claustrophobia after having my head encases to make a mask for a tv show. It got worse and after time led to full blown panic attacks in situations that never phased me before. elevators and airplanes became hell

One day I read a book called The Power Of Your Subconcious Mind by joseph Murphy and started utilizing the info. I started putting myself in closets, doing affirmations and visualizing the situations. Pretty much acting out the situations that were freaking me out. DESENSITIZATION. Seriously in a few weeks I was back on elevators and planes. Yes I still have some degree of problems with it but no where near the degree prior. I alsso thing if I worked on it more regularly I could reprogram the negative response right out, but in truth I stopped rehearsing it for the most part

Martial Arts Topics / Re: BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF CANCER
« on: January 02, 2011, 01:14:30 AM »
I know  Marc from WT and Pappy, Kalani and some of the No ho tribe. I watch them train sometimes. Great group of psycho's in the nicest sense of the word.   

In spring of 2009, I was diagnosed with colon cancer, had surgery and went thru chemo. I'm great. The reason I'm posting is to thank you guys for taking the time and the initiative to do something positive in the fight against cancer. There is not too many people who don't know someone affected by this dis-ease.

The fact that you thought about doing something to help someone else speaks volumes of the quality of the spirit of the tribe that guro Marc talks about in the videos I've seen




Thanks for posting it on youtube. I posted links to it on WT and the Krav forum  :evil: The more I listen to you talk. the more sense you make. You outreasoned the talking heads

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 4 Elements query to Marc Denny
« on: January 08, 2008, 12:03:12 AM »

Earth and water are obvious in your experiment, but what of wind/air and fire? My brother breifly mentioned "radiating" out from center when he was in for the holidays, but it was hard to follow up due to the crowd of family & friends in my house (hahaha!). So, how do you visualize and physically participate with fire or with air?

As Marc pointed out its about looking for the common ground. For me and what I do there is a lot of overlapping, but subtle differences. I look at acting as if I have a Batman belt on, then play with the tools.

Radiation works on a few different levels. The first is that it makes us Charismatic, but we also take what we feel and radiate it out to the audience or into an attack. you've been the Reciever when you picked up the vibes of the asshole accross the bar staring at you. He Radiated his bad intent to you. You feel it on a physical level many times before you see it, but you always feel it.

I think Tai Chi does it similar to me. i start with seeing a Sun Center in my Chest, then expand it , then radiate it to all parts of my body, then radiate out. Then explore different Qualities such as anger or warmth, etc. The Excercises are in the book To The Actor. They are user friendly. Then use you imagination  and incorporate to what your doing.

Air Is the Flying excercise and they can be  slow or quick, scattered or lucid

Fire for me is one of the 2 main energies an actor must always bring to the stage. The other is Lightness and Ease or A Feeling of Ease. All great Athletes do the hardest things with Ease and only as much tension as necessary

Fire is easier to incorporate to fighting because we naturally assume Rage as a component. But Fire can be the passion for what your doing. Their is a  big emotional range to Fire from a spark to Psychotic Rage. visualizing a Fire is easy. You can visualize it outside your body or in and becoming a part of you

This is my feeling or myopinion but we seem to do things better with strong images. Many have strong Images of their god, but no one has seen god. So man personified it in different ways over the ages. If you were raised Christian here, you were taught the words god and devil. God meaning Good. Devil meaning Evil. One letter changes the meaning but also creates a symbol that makes it easier for our minds to wrap around the concepts. Then paintings were drawn to complete the Telesmatic Image for us. The use of the elements seem to serve the same purpose. The stronger the symbol, the stronger the image, the stronger the result. So we're basically calling up an image to create feelings for the purpose of some intended result. as Maiji points out its a way of seperating intent and method

I also think as humans we like dogma or better yet we tend to complicate things. If you went to work out one day and said to yourself I'm going to focus on strength and power for a bit, then later decided to focus on Flowing and then later worked on moving with a Feeling Of Ease. You would be developing the qualities that The Mystical Occult Elements were meant to develope And eventually they would become a natural part of your game

I hope this helps and doesn't lead you astray. In the end strive to keep it simple. Much dogma surrounds what were originally simple concepts. I think thats kinda the idea Marc has of DBMA. Cut thru to whats useful, its easy to get blinded by the bells and whistles

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 4 Elements query to Marc Denny
« on: December 24, 2007, 09:30:22 AM »
No problem. Glad you found it of help. Its hard online, but I'm trying to show you what I do and move it into martial arts. If I was doing a molding, flowing or flying exercise, it would look like Tai chi. In fact a lot of times before I do a seminar, i do my work, people always think I'm doing tai Chi. For us its also abstract, which is hard to discuss, because its expiriential.

What we're doing is using the imagination and incorporating the images. What the exercises end up being is physio-psychological, because you can't do one without affecting the other, so you might as well make them work together. Our movements are abstract, structure. A martial artist would have a structure. I played with this idea after reading the post. You might want to try this as an experiment

Imagine the space around you filled with mud. Start with simple combos. See and feel your strikes, molding or sculting thru the mud, with a begining, middle and end. Sustain that end for a second and move on to another and so on.. Remember mud is thick, so  its hard to get thru. Make sure your whole body molds thru, knees , waist etc. Try it with sand, granite,diamond. But only use nnecessary muscular tension. Then start moving in a more natural way, but trying to sustain the feelings that were awaken during the exercise and radiate it to your targets. i DON'T LIKE TO SAY WHAT YOU SHOULD FEEL :-D But if you get a sense of strength and power, your on the right track. Also when I played with it, I noticed that my tech was better. Then try Flowing the same way. Notice any differences and what they bring to the party. Oh yeah its real common to think your doing it wrong. Just simply tell yourself My strikes and body are molding thru the space around me. Awakening and revitalizing all the muscles of my body

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 4 Elements query to Marc Denny
« on: December 21, 2007, 08:22:13 PM »
I apologize for jumping in on this thread as I don't post here much. My expirience with the elements comes believe it or not from an acting technique I sometimes get to teach. It took me years to get a solid understanding as  the so called mystical elements were frowned upon and rarely discussed. Michael Chekhov was marked for liquidation in Russia because of this so called mystical bent.

One of the reasons I started looking into m/a's was to understand these concepts better. No real luck. My understanding comes from having to use them and teach them. I don't know if this will answer the OP question, but it should point you in a direction to form your own corelations between arts/systems

Remember the purpose of all systems,arts , and religions is to unifiy Mind, Body and Spirit. When I look at those 3 words, a trilogy if you will, I can easily corelate them to other trilogies. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit come to mind as well as Thought, Word And Deed. Much esoteric thought leaks over to other systems and terminology changes and confusion ensues. Either way, we're looking for unification in any performance situation

Michael defined the "Scale of Movement" for actors. Molding being the first one. This equates to Earth. Simply put, your movement molds or sculpts thru the space around you. This is a will center. By working with this visualization you start to awaken strength and power. If you play with differnt images of Earth like sand or granite, the spirit of the doing is different. It is usually rooted in the legs and below the waist. I figure the Kali equivalent would be Powerr shots

The next would be flowing and would equate to H2O. Utilizing this =Element, your movements become  graceful. Finese. You develope this by imagining the space around filled with water, see yourself flowing to the target. Playing with this you'll develope that feeling of ease all great performers and athletes seem to display doing the most difficult things. In truth its more of a feeling center

Fire and Lightness and Ease to us are 2 Energies all performers must bring to the table. Though L&E is not a particular element it can be related to H2o. It is an energy that needs to be developed and is needed in even the most powerful moments. Fighters throw the most devesrtating strikes with such Ease. Tiger Woods hits the longest shots with ease not struggle.

Fire equates to many things anger, passsion. It can warm or destroy. it can be hard or soft

This is a pretty extensive subject. I gave you ideas on how you can work with the Elements in your W/O, by using visualization and moving as if were moving thru Earth or Water Etc. If you play with it you will find yourself awakening the spirit of them in you. you will make your own corelations between your art and my craft, but trust that it there and is universal

Hope that Helps and I didn't intrude :-)


Martial Arts Topics / Re: Losing Weight and Protein Shakes
« on: August 23, 2007, 10:21:25 PM »
Actually, I go the other direction. It feels like giving birth. however, I had a great deal of success with Protien Shakes and MRP's in weight lose.. I wish I could digest them and some have no problems with them at all. Digestive enzymes may help

The big reason is their convinient, taste good and balance those sugar cravings. I think your friend was refering to weight gainers as protein powder should be an aide to weight lose. Though good food is a better choice


Its interesting this subject seems to be popping up. Good forsight by you. There is a thread running now on in the mma section on Kali. It kinda turned into a mma vs kali type thread. limb destruction effectiveness, etc. I brought your stuff up as a plug. Maybe some will checkout what your doing. Personaly, I'm looking forward to it

Mike from WT

Martial Arts Topics / Re: MMA Disqualifications in California
« on: April 15, 2007, 02:14:10 PM »
Did it look fixed ? One of my concerns with the sport is the integrity factor. It would be a lot easier to fix, because of the submission aspect. Most people watching after a tap, wonder what the heck happened anyway. With one organization owning all the fighters match manipulations for big paydays would be very inticing. Betting fuels our sports. If the bettors don't trust the action the sport dies.Thanks

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