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Martial Arts Topics / Re: llustrisimo- Any one know of Locations in So.Cali
« on: February 26, 2008, 06:54:08 AM »
Master Christopher Ricketts is in LA ( is this considered So Cal ? sorry I'm a Eastcoast Canadian) His website is

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When I was at a Guro Dan seminar in the UK in 1998 Justo Di├ęguez received his apprentice instructorship from Guro Dan on the recommendation of Bob Breen.

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Martial Arts Topics / Re: Parkour
« on: April 19, 2007, 06:06:47 AM »

Any thoughts on how many reps to do?  How many days rest between?  How to modulate other training?  How age affects these answers?  And what about those forward rolls that we see in these clips?  Is this a show-off technique or is it one that allows for greater absorbancy of the shock of the impact?  Do we have a people who parachute who can give us some pointers?

I have a vauge memory of an airborne military person telling me something about if you were falling from a really big height that after the feet hit that it was better to fall to one side of the body than the other; something to do about the organs inside.  Anyone?


This guy trained every day, in fact he gave up martial arts altogether to train exclusively in parkour. There wasn't a set number of reps or time, most of the training sessions were 1 - 2 hrs. However, every day the would work on different things, jumps, landings, underbar ( going through under or inbetween railings), wall climbing etc... in between free runs.

Its like going to a skate boarding, although there are names to techniques there are no set ways to train them, its what atracts kids to these things, true freedom of expression.  And they are kids.  All the guys I saw doing this were under 25. As for the effect of age, the art hasn't been around long enough, the 2 founders are only in the early 30.

At 35, personally I found 10 min every day enough to increase my static landing. But for the most part its about listening to your body if something hurts stop move on to something else. For many (including me) it is about being goal driven, trying to beat a particular obstical, especially something like wall climbing. Repeating until you succeed ( or don't).

As for the rolls, yes it is an absorbtion technique. The goal in parkour is to keep moving, hence when you roll you keep you forward momentum  so you can continue to run with out a break.

I used to hate to run, I found it completely boring and mind numbing. But by incorporating some parkour into it  like rail jumping, wall vault, ledge balancing it make running more interesting (although some people might think you look like an idiot). Other added bonuses are upper body stregth development,  balance, enviromental awareness and focus,  you simply can't go on auto pilot like regular distance running. You can also do this type of running in woods (off trail) to get the same effect.

London Jump is a documentary about free running featuring the guy from Casino Royale.

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Martial Arts Topics / Re: Parkour
« on: April 18, 2007, 06:33:22 AM »
The art started in France, I don't think Capoeria influenced it. There is two 'styles' of parkour.

1) 'parkour' which is now more about  making your way through/around obsticals
2) ' free running'  an offshoot which is more about  'tricks'

S├ębastien Foucan (freerunning)  was the guy in Casino Royale, David Belle (parkour) was the guy in B13 are the founders of the art.

I was teaching eskrima to a guy, who did parkour/free running and shared with me some of the training methods. To train jumping from heights, you simple jump initially from a height where you feel no pain. I started @ 4 feet but found it to hard on my knees so I when down to 2 feet and did this for a week. The next week i increased it to 3 ft, the follwong week, 4 and then to 5 ft which for a time was my upper limit.

I think this kind of training can be a valuable part of ones self defense/preservation often instructors talking about running if you can to escape a bad situation. This type of running is very different than a flat out run something in the city you might now be able to do.

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Ryan, Crafty, and everyone.

Lots of great advise from everyone thx.

We started obiedience classes last week and crate trained him from the get go. All in all he has been pretty good, not to much chewing of things, and the accidents in the house are really mine and my wife's fault for not listening to him at times. I have been working on my own pateince as the brred is not stuborn so much as pensive, if call a Berner to "come" he might cock his head and think about it a little before he does. Although, the trainer is very good I am not sure she has expeirence with dogs and martial arts.

"Berners" (Bernese Mountain Dog) although a large breed (110-130 lbs) are not domineering or aggressive in general. They are the "People person" of the dog world, like people,other dogs, animals, and children. Might possibly be the worst guard dog ever, as they are more likely to want to make friends with a burglar then attack him. Its the freindliness that attracted us to the breed.

Which leads me to my next question, what attracted everyone to choose the breed of dog they have ?


Martial Arts Topics / Dog (Canine) Training
« on: September 12, 2006, 06:19:26 AM »
I recently got a Bernese Mountain Puppy (3 months old now) and want some advise on introducing him to sitting and waiting while I train.

I recently brought him to a grappling class and he did not like it at all. He didn't bark or cry he just want to leave. He just sat facing the door wanting to get out. I thought grappling would be a good introduction because it most resembles dogs playing. I have been socializing him and seems to not be freaked out at the dog park when dogs are involved in rough play. A pit bull and Lab were really playing aggressively the other day (almost turned into a fight), and he sat there queitly happily observing.

Crafty or anyone any advise ? This issue has not come up on "The Dog Whisperer" yet.

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Martial Arts Topics / Thx Marc Denny cause of you I am getting married!
« on: August 23, 2005, 11:33:32 AM »
Well Marc Denny can add another item to his already lengthy resume, that of match maker.

I met my fiance at of all things a Dog Brothers seminar in Toronto 3 years ago. As we both came alone to the seminar, we ended up training together and well, as they say the rest is history. I am getting married this labour day weekend.


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Martial Arts Topics / Movies of interest
« on: May 04, 2005, 06:18:16 AM »
Quote from: Crafty_Dog
I enjoyed Conan 1 (Sandahl Bergman :-) o==8 ) simply by putting aside the knowing that it could have been so more more.  Howard's Conan is a figure deep in the dark primal archetypes.  If only someone had been at the helm with the vision and courage to have gone there something truly great could have been made.  Ah well, forward.

Conan 2 was a joke-- and a waste of Wilt Chamberlain.  PG Conan!?!  Oy vey.

A new Conan movie is in the works "King Conan". Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) is set to direct replacing John Milius ( the director of Conan the Barbarian). Rodriguez still hopes to get Governor Arnie in the lead role.

So I ask "what is best in life ?"

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