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Martial Arts Topics / The ultra useful Illustrismo Cross Step
« on: May 11, 2007, 08:01:55 AM »
Comments from combing stick & footwork.

I have been praticing the Illustrismo cross step quite a lot lately. (Seeing those action clips of the techniques taught really provide good motivation.)

One thing, I noticed in that first empty hand example: Crafty Dog points out the spring step entry, after the evasion from the Thai kick to the inner knee. That spring step entry is strikingly similar to Hsing Yi, a chinese martial art. In HY, there is a step called a "chicken step" and basically you spring forward off the back leg. This is trained ad infinitum. If that spring step is developed it could provide a more stable and rapid entry. I never mentally realized that it could be used after an evasion. I am glad that connection was point out.

Second point, By not bending the wrist on the downward strike as the evading leg is brought back saves the joints from excessive wear and tear. It also seems quicker. Has anyone found this to be so? I have been practising this for long hours and I definitely feel less wrist pain when executing it without bending but I do not have enough experience with it to tell if it is faster.

I also imagine it is the same with the redondo. Palm up--> to palm down.

Thank you,


Martial Arts Topics / I am new and have 3 questions.
« on: April 29, 2007, 09:44:05 AM »
I have been studying Chinese martial arts for a while 9-10 years and have done a few others along the way. I love and respect all martial arts.

I just purchased Attacking Blocks and Combining Stk and Ft. I am sincerely impressed. After a few years of doing Tai Chi sword I started to realize that something is going on here that is similar to Kali. The 8 lines of attack similarity was apparent but I had no basis to take that connection any further than that. Enter Dog Brothers; they translated the grammatical code of traditional weapons arts into an American taijitsu(kinesthetic language), so to speak. I am sure if anyone writes a book on martial arts in America the DB's will have a big chapter.

I am deeply grateful for this information and it has deepened my love of martial arts.


1. I am definitely going to buy Kali-Tudo, does it have Hubud drills?

2. If not, Can anyone recommend a good Hubud DVD?

3. Are Cold Steels polypor escrima sticks any good? Have they been tested?



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