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Martial Arts Topics / Conditioning
« on: May 23, 2005, 11:37:32 AM »
My empty hand practice includes a lot of conditioning. We do Muay Thai Shin Kicks to the inner and outer legs, strikes to the shins, Shin Kicks to the abdomen, and knees to the upper arms and legs from the plum. Other training includes ball of the foot kicks to hard objects, smashing our forearms together and Shin Kicks or punches to the forearms.

I'm not naturally tough, but I'm able to take some pretty decent hits thanks to those drills.

Assuming an up an coming Dog can't take a hit from a stick very well (me), how do you get him ready for his first Gathering? I'll admit I'm a bit confused about how hard people are actually suppose to be swinging. Is it really full contact or is there a "no wind" rule? Can you guys take those hits out of pure meanness and adrenalin, or do you condition ahead of time?


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