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Martial Arts Topics / Dog Brothers.....The Stick....and The Fox
« on: March 01, 2009, 05:55:52 AM »
Woof Everyone,

As I become more involved with this forum and with the dog brothers organization in general, applied for DBMAA membership this week  :-D, I thought it might be interesting to mention some of the similarities I am noticing between the tribal philosophy of the dog Brothers and The Tohkala or Fox society of the Lakota people. The Tohkala were the elite warrior society of the lakota. there were other societies but the Tohkala were the bravest and the strongest.  What brings this comparison to mind for me is the stick. While dog brothers are known primarily for their stick fighting skills. The Tohkala would also run or ride into battle with a stick and attempt to touch an enemy. this became known as "counting coup." There is a scene in the movie little big man showing a Sioux (Lakota) warrior riding in and touching a cavalry officer, it might have even been Custer I can't remember, haven't seen the movie in ages. As i thought more about it over the years i came to the conclusion that that scene probably wasn't all that representative of how it really was in battle.  think about a battlefield where your side is equipped with: knives, bow and arrow and you with an stick. The other side is equipped with guns and bayonets. chances are you didn't just walk or ride up and touch someone and then ride or walk away unhindered. i would bet there were often cases where the warrior armed with his Coup stick had to use it to defend himself. I am not aware of any organized Lakota combat system But i will  do some research into this because it occurs to me that you don't get  reputation of being the baddest S.O.B. to ride the plains just by accident. they had to have some significant combat skills just to stay alive even.

One key element of the Lakota warrior societies that i think i should mention is the idea that when a Tohkala warrior was called up to defend his people or his land he became this powerful tool for destruction of the enemy. when he was home and not in a time of war he was to be a Ikce' wicasa or common man, it was his responsibility to conduct himself in a humble  and honorable manner.  In an age where Hype seems to be the way we conduct our business I think we could all do well to remember to be Be The Ikce' wicasa, when at home with our families and going to the grocery store or whatever we should have the humbleness of the warrior, " I bow down to no man but ask no man to bow to me"

Martial Arts Topics / New weapon Based Full contact Fighting league?
« on: January 25, 2009, 06:22:32 PM »
Woof everyone,

Hey Guys I am hearing rumors of a new weapons based full contact fight league and am wondering is this true, and...

      1) is it a Dog Brothers affiliation?
      2) will it be televised?
      3) How does one get involved outside of California, lol

     MMA is  pretty Big out here in the Midwest but even so that in mainly in the Larger markets like Minneapolis, Omaha and Denver. out here in the boondocks, i am pretty much the only person I have met who knows Much about eclectic martial arts and submission grappling for hundreds of miles, I would love to be updated and learn more about a league of this nature and possibly train fighters in the future.

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