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Martial Arts Topics / East Coast Krabi-Krabong Camp June 27 & 28
« on: April 13, 2009, 06:24:50 AM »
<Posted with permission of Guro Crafty>
East Coast Krabi-Krabong Camp
with Ajarn Steve Wilson (aka; Chalambok)
We will be hosting Ajarn Wilson in East Greenwich, Rhode Island to hold a Krabi-Krabong camp on June 27th & 28th.
(For those of you not familiar with Krabi Krabong, it's the Thai weapons system that Muay Thai descended from.)

This will be a rare opportunity for those of you on the East coast:
2 Days of quality instruction with Ajarn Steve Wilson
Learn authentic Krabi-Krabong from the leader of Buddhai Swan Krabi
Krabong lineage in North America.
Master Wilson is a rare individual. Trained at the prestigious
Buddhai Swan School of Sword Fighting in Thailand, he is the highest ranked
practitioner in North America. He is an excellent and patient teacher
and he is an outstanding source of Knowledge. I count myself as Extremely fortunate to have studied privately with him.
The camp will be held at the Battleground Training Center,
461 Main Street, East Greenwich, Rhode Island. 02818
Fee: $150 for both days, $80 for one day of training.
Time: Planning 9:00 - 4:00 both days.

We have a large gym, but due to the nature of some of the drills, we will be covering a lot of ground. With that in mind,
we will need to keep attendance to about 20 participants so please contact me to reserve a spot as soon as you can if
you're planning to attend.
Everyone is welcome. This is a great introductory seminar or if you
are an advanced practitioner it is a great opportunity to work with
one of the best in the art.
Email: william at mongrelcombativearts dot com

Martial Arts Topics / Awesome!!!
« on: July 15, 2003, 08:30:20 PM »
That sums up Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje's and Maginoo-Mandala Tim Waid's
gathering in Rhode Island. We had many well respected martial artists from New England and other states come to participate and share in the experience. Everyone was blown away by Tuhons in-depth knowledge and his willingness to share the no-nonsense combative structures of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali with us. We are already planning the next gathering of Pekiti-Tirsia in New England with Grand Tuhon Gaje and Mandala Tim Waid. In conjunction with fellow Pekiti Pitbulls, we will make this an annual grand tour.

Thank you to all who came and shared in the experience. It was the first....the first of many more to come.

Pekiti-Tirsia is alive and on the move in New England!!!

William Schultz
New England Pekiti-Tirsia Pitbulls

I was looking over the United States Police Defensive Tactics Association (USPDTA) web site this morning. A couple of points in their list (see below) of organizational goals caught my eye.

The USDPTA was created in 1979 with the intention of unifying law enforcement officers across the country. We have grown in the ranks of officers and certified police instructors to its present status as the largest training organization of its kind in the United States. USPDTA is currently increasing its efforts to expand across the United States as well as internationally. Our goals include the following:

1) To create a national standard for law enforcement training in defensive tactics.

2) To set national standards for law enforcement instructors.

3) To assist law enforcement agencies in upgrading their departmental training efforts by serving as a resource for improving officer capabilities in responding to threat situations, thus also reducing the potential liabilities which may result from inappropriate actions during a conflict or violent situation.

4) By creating a networking system in which law enforcement officers, organizations, and affiliates can discuss mutual problems, improve training and receive instruction in the latest defensive techniques from around the country.

5) To create a national registration system for martial artists that is backed by a law enforcement organization.

6) To establish government licensing for martial art schools and instructors.

USPDTA will continue to fulfill these goals by increasing the availability of national seminars, clinics, and training courses to be taught at the convenience of the individual law enforcement agencies wishing to upgrade the quality of their services and training.

I certainly would support points 1 - 4. Points 5 & 6 are what caught my eye. Is anyone familiar with their activity in regards to points 5 & 6? How they would propose to structure, and whom would over see such a system?


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