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Black Eagle Society in england
« on: October 09, 2003, 09:41:33 PM »
i want to  know if theere is some connections between the dog brothers and the Black Eagle Society in england, thanks for your answers

Black Eagle Society

1990 by Pat O'Malley and Simon Wells with the view to testing the real combat skills of the Filipino Martial Arts. It was not until 1996 that they managed to band together a group of aficionados to take part in the first official gathering.
Since then The Black Eagle Society? has become Europe's elite group of no holds barred stick fighters and they have gained the respect from all around the world including the Philippines.

Since Simon Wells retired from the gatherings Pat "The Cat" O'Malley has remained as the head of the group. It is Pat who decides were, when and who participates in the gatherings which are held twice a year in a different location in Britain.

Since 1996 Pat has also appointed his training partner John "Machine Gun" Harvey as the other Head of the group, and both of them have also spread the Society to Ireland and Spain and they are looking to spread the Society even further to countries such as Germany, France and Holland.

To become a full member of the Society, you must participate in at least 3 meetings of the Society, until then you are only considered an Associate.

The purpose of the Society is to test your Filipino Martial Arts skills to the limit up against other Eskrimadors from other groups, that is why the Society has attracted other styles such as Warriors, Jeet Kune Do / Kali, Lapunti Arnis De Abanico and it's largest membership Rapid Arnis International?.

The rules are simple: you are only allowed to wear head gear, light hand protection and a groin guard with elbow and knee pads as optional. You then have 3 minutes to test your skill up against other aficionados with limited rules.

The prohibited strikes are, no thrusting to the throat, no groin or spine attacks and if the helmet comes off, no striking to the head. Apart from that it is basically anything goes until the time limit is up or your opponent gives up.



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Black Eagle Society in england
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2003, 03:41:37 AM »
:o  salut sifu PERSIL
Bien le bonjour du club des "CATS COUSINS" du club de SAMBO


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Black Eagle Society in england
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2003, 09:29:58 AM »
Woof Arzh:

  I had some email correspondence with Pat several years ago, but that is it.  There is no connection.  

Crafty Dog