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That are all in awesome condition if anyone is interested here is a list and I have pics all these knives as sharp as hell, Never used to cut anything and oiled with care. Why am I selling them? School man, School lol!

1) Sog Seal 2000

2) Emerson Black on Black Combat Karambit

3) Cold Steel Tiger Claw Karambit

4)  CRKT - Black on Black with Dark Green cord handle wrapping " First Strike" - This was limited and they don't make these anymore

5) This is a heart break and a half to let go and the price has to be good lol not asking retail but don't want to get shredded- My SpyderCo Shivworks P'kal - I have had this knife for awhile and it's still in excellent condition and sharp as all hell

6) My Cheness  "9260 differentially Hardened Kaze Kantana" and clayed and differentially hardened, what makes the Kaze unique is the use of the revolutionary 9260 Spring steel in the blade: a perfect combination of age old art with cutting edge modern metallurgy. Unlike just about every other production sword on the market in this price range, the Kaze has a totally authentic Hamon temper line (other production swords all have fake acid etched or wire brushed hamon). While it is subtle (as the polish to bring it out to its full potential would double the cost of the sword) the 9260 Spring steel results in a very distinct pooling of the nie crystals, making for a very clear and nicely defined hamon line.
An elegant looking sword with a blackened steel replica of an actual antique tsuba, the Kaze is beautifully balanced between appearance, functionality and price. The hardened edge also cuts traditional targets like a laser, which is why I have nicknamed it 'the Tatami Killer'.

7) Cold Steel's Hand and a Half Bastard Sword

8) Gerber Bear Claw

9) Cold Steel Black on Black Scimitar  folder

You can PM me here on the site or e-mail me at , We can talk price privately

Martial Arts Topics / Knife Talk - Reviews and Rants
« on: April 30, 2010, 03:20:56 PM »
Thought this would be fun to talk about and get some look into what you guys think

My Lovely girlfriend picked me up a new M-1 Combative Edge knife  (   This knife is made by the good people over in PA and part of the PTK family, However, I have been studying Sayoc and this knife works just as well for any system. Nice big knife, Good steal but the clip IMHO is a tad shabby,Seems real loose in the jeans in back pocket wear, However, I talked to the Owner "Rob Walker" and he is going to be making custom clips and sending me one out for free to replace this clip. It's nice and sharp out of the box, it's light in the hand, Has a great lock ZERO blade play! I would have given this knife a 10 but the clip dropped it down a tad. You would feel this knife and think " To Light and that = Cheap" No, The materials used in the making of this knife ( locking Titanium frame) Makes it nice and light
Anyone had a chance to look into these knives?

Next up

Zero Tolerance Knives - from the makers of Ken Strider and I think Orion cross bred. I have a 305 and it's nothing but awesome. Everything about this knife is awesome. However, the blade is a tad small and it's a spring assisted folder ( Meaning it pops right open) Gives you a tad of trouble buying one in a shop, You need to be military or Law enforcement in America to purchase one over the counter but I think buying one online is rather easy. It's not a switch blade but spring level assisted. Great Locking system and again ZERO blade play

Both A + Knives.

Find someone close or kinda close that can help me? I live in So.cali by Guide Dog. I would like to really keep up with it and finish it so any help would be much Appreciated, Thank you in advance

Martial Arts Topics / Conan Picked For ROle
« on: January 24, 2010, 11:52:47 AM »
Im sorry but what a Joke! This is really god damn sad

I am not trying to be anything here but Conan was NOT from Hawaii..Since hollywood does not cast anything right anymore, I am going to play Malcom x in the next remake. I mean come on!!!!!

UGH...Robert E Howard is rolling in his GRAVE

Martial Arts Topics / looking for bryan "guide dog" stoops
« on: January 04, 2010, 08:17:08 PM »
If anyone knows his contact I would like to train with you again.

Martial Arts Topics / Need Help Getting back into the swing of things
« on: December 23, 2009, 02:36:46 PM »
For awhile now I have slowed down to Zero of praticing my Fight skills. All I have been doing is lifting weights and Strong man lifts and have become rather yolked out lol But I miss doing some drills. Does anyone know where I can start getting back into it around my lifting program?  I was working on Shoulders and Triceps today and while I was resting I grabbed my Stick and started doing a couple of light power swings to just stay warm..Though I have no interest in using a stick it felt kinda good.

I have my heavy bag I was going to start fist drilling on and doing some knife drills but anyone have any suggestiong to get me pumped up again? Maybe a example of what I am doing for work outs could help someone help me fit in some drilling

Martial Arts Topics / Need some help finding a topic
« on: December 22, 2009, 06:54:11 PM »
Awhile back someone posted a link to some vids of a female fighter who was doing some work outs and then went on to knife sparring. She was doing push Presses and I wanted to show my friend this video of her going to work. Does anyone remember who this female was or where the link is?

Martial Arts Topics / Lima Lama
« on: April 07, 2009, 10:05:47 PM »
Any thoughts on this style?

Martial Arts Topics / Greetings All!
« on: October 24, 2008, 01:12:34 PM »
Have sometime to write a few hello's and also mention the Close Quarters Combat School was off the Chain!

How is everyone, Crafty,Dean,Brian,SB and the rest of the gang?

Got a interesting look into Blade work if anyone is interested. :mrgreen:

Martial Arts Topics / Farewells and Goodbyes
« on: September 22, 2008, 05:39:47 PM »
Well it's about that time. I ship out in 24hours and I don't know if I will have access to a computer so I thought I would say my peace out's here.

Thank you all for the wonderful converstations here on the forum.

Guide Dog, Again..Thank you for what you have taught me. Hopfully when I return we can hang out and swing sticks at each other. =)

Kaju-Dog, Thank you for your wonderful advice though E-mail. I will for SURE ride in the big ton trucks  :-D   And I would love to make it up to you and train with you sometime.

Crafty, I Always look forward to someday meeting you in person. You have been a massive Inspiration on me in my life. As well as all Dog Brothers.

Anyways Fella's keep kicking ass and staying strong!

For those who would like to reach me though email. You can E-mail me at and I will send you my Military Email address.

I will try from time to time to drop in and try to post pics up from over in the pit and say hello.  :-)

Martial Arts Topics / What in Gods Name is Nikolai Valuev
« on: September 05, 2008, 05:47:47 PM »
Have any of you seen this Umm Monster??? This guy is not part of the human race. I think he is some creature that time forgot and someone found him in a dark cave eating raw meat from the Big foot and Locness..They strapped Boxing gloves on him and put him in the Ring.

For gods sake he looks like the bald monster in 300 that attacked Leonidus ...For the Love of God

Martial Arts Topics / Military Life, The Return and Crafty Dog??
« on: August 24, 2008, 04:43:02 PM »
Hey All,
 Long time no post. So I thought I would take a moment to throw up alittle post and say greetings. It's been a wild month so far. :wink:
I had just finish re-enlisting up back into the Military and have been up at Ft. Irwin getting thing's ready to head out to Ft. Benning to go to Close Quaters Combat School. I leave for Benning September 25th. Then from there I get attached to Ranger Batt that is over in Iraq right now already on a 4 month deployment and I will be joining them to finish off their 12 month deployment.

I also just finished finding out and heard that the program I will be attending was helped created by Marc Denny???? :?

I was told that we go though full contact stick fighting, Stick Grappling and other stick work corses. I looked at the Sgt. Face and said..I know who that person is. He said who? I said Mark Denny. I told him that I already trained in Kali and Kali under a Dog Brother named Guide Dog. Not to mention he started telling me what else goes on in CCQS and I was like. LOL..I already do this! This is gonna be great!

I was also shocked to find out that the CCQS knife work, Works around the Pkal Method of Blade down blade pointing in method 

Crafty, Did you happen to have anything to do with this also or was this the work of someone else?

So my Sgt. Said to me " Then I guess your going to be bored, HUH?" I said No Sgt. If this is the Same Marc Denny that I think it is then I feel better already.

So anyways to make a long story short. It's good to be back in the Military and it's good to say hello to the friends, I have made on this forum.


To Guide Dog and the rest. I am sorry I missed the Gathering. It broke my heart to not be able to attend. I was at Ft. Irwin doing alot of "Getting Back into The Military" Drills. I had to go over breaching rooms, Marching, Command levels, Everything.

But to make a funny. To those of you here that know or read my worthless post. I work out way to much. WAY TO MUCH and I had to do PT test against Other Military and Sgt's and I ended up smoking them all. As a matter of fact one of the Sgt. started yelling at most of the Returns about it and most of those returns were 10 years younger then me.

First PT test for my age group

Push Ups 17 in 1 min    I pulled off  Drum roll   --------> 80

Sit Ups for my Age Group - 30 in one min    I pulled off ------> 80

1 mile Run ( 4 laps around the track) 1 mile in under 8 mins  I pulled it off in -------> 6 mins

Second PT Test.
Everything is double to 2 mins in push ups and Sit Ups and the Sgt stoped me and said..Ok enough we get the point.
My 2 mile run ( 4 laps around the track) I pulled it off in 15 mins.

Most of the people younger then me were dropping off the map.. BAD XBOX GENERATION!!!

Martial Arts Topics / Question On The Shivworks P'Kal
« on: July 30, 2008, 08:31:09 PM »
I know Crafty talked about it once on the Forum but I wanted to see what people thought of this knife.

Martial Arts Topics / Dog Dean "Kajukenbo"
« on: July 28, 2008, 09:38:05 PM »
Any other location then the one on the site. I am heading back into the military and looking to see if those are the only ones listed

Martial Arts Topics / Does Anyone Teach MCMAP on the outside?
« on: June 03, 2008, 11:50:11 AM »
Been training with a Buddy of mine in MCMAP and I was wondering if anyone on the outside civilian life taught this?

So just like my other topic, Kerambit vs Straight Blade this one now looks into what everyone prefered method. Either Standard grip with a Kerambit or holding it down edge out or a look into the Shivworks style of reverse edge method.


Had no Idea that Ghurkas went to Iraq but I was also interested in their fighting system. Anyone have any idea of this?

Edited to add before it gets lost:

The Gurkhas Have Arrived
OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM (ACCNS) -- Security at this forward deployed location has taken on a formidable new dimension. After adding layers of concertina wire, K-9s and four contingents of law enforcement, officials at the British installation have added a regiment nothing short of legendary.

The Gurkhas, the world-renowned Nepali special forces contingent of the British Army, have hunkered down here, alongside Air Force Security Forces and local police.

For the elite light infantry unit, hunkering down is a simple process, and one of the unit's many extraordinary capabilities. British Army Major Neil Stevens, the Battalion Second in Command of 2nd Royal Gurkha Rifles regiment, explained why his unit is so valuable.

"We can move anywhere in the world on 24 hours' notice," Major Stevens said. "We're ready to go anywhere, anytime."

He said the Gurkhas, rely on flexibility and operational experience. They are configured and used like the U.S. Army Rangers or U.S. Marines. They are also martial artists, airborne tacticians and masters at cover and concealment. As they patrol the perimeter here they'll be drawing upon a more intangible quality – their reputation.

"Our capability is backed up by history," Major Stevens said. "We've received more Victoria Crosses than any other unit."

The Gurkhas have been honored 26 times with the cross, the British equivalent of America's Medal of Honor.

Their heritage is ripe with operational experience. After a British expeditionary conflict in Nepal in the early 19th century, the Royal Army was so impressed with the Gurkha fighters that it recruited and constructed special regiments of the elite soldiers. Since it's inception in 1815, the mostly Nepali force in composition and culture has participated in every significant campaign and many lesser-known military endeavors.

"In the last two years we've been everywhere the British Army's been, from East Timor to Afghanistan," Major Stevens said.

Their reputation is also tethered to their "ethos" -- adherence to a strict, self-imposed code of honor and discipline.

"We must be loyal, honest, well-trained," explained a rifleman standing in front of perfectly arranged cots flush and grounded at their encampment here. "We are very experienced, especially in jungle warfare."

A more recognizable trademark is their long and lethal Kukri knife, a symbol of their legacy and lethality.

The Gurkhas are working with the four agencies already securing this base, including Security Forces, RAF and Ministry of Defense Police and local constabularies.

"We're very happy to be working with the MOD police and U.S. Forces," a Gurkha rifleman said. "We are not sure about the conflict with Iraq and we don't know what will happen, but we're here now and we're happy to help."

Security Forces officials agree and are also happy to have the boost in capability, said Capt. Woody Boyd, the security forces commander at another deployed location, currently assisting in orchestrating the defense of this base.

"I can remember 12 years ago as an airman hearing people talk about Gurkhas and what they are capable of doing," Captain Boyd said. "The Gurkha is an extremely professional soldier and we're extremely honored to work with them. It definitely enhances security."

Security forces officials indicated the regiment will be deployed on the perimeter to thwart any intruders. It will also serve as a last line of defense before armed Air Force security forces on the airfield. Major Stevens alluded to the employment of a balance of conventional policing and stealthy tactics.

"We intend to be very visible during the day for the purpose of deterrence," Major Stevens said. "But at night it's another matter. We'll be configured accordingly."

Martial Arts Topics / Karambit Vs. straight blades
« on: May 19, 2008, 09:32:07 AM »
Like the title says. I have heard both sides of the topic on what one is better. I was interested in seeing what people hear thought of either one.

Martial Arts Topics / Native American Fighting Systems
« on: May 18, 2008, 03:10:59 PM »
Has anyone had the chance to look into this? I was talking to Guide Dog about it today after class and told him about a friend of mine who would like to enter a gathering but he does not practice Kali. He learned Native American Systems taught to him by a awesome man out of Barstow who lived in the Native American Reservation up by Crystal Lake or White lake..Anyways, this stuff is pretty off the chain.

I spared my friend the other day with his make shift tomahawk and he was holding a sharkie in his belt line. We would clash and he would hook my weapon or go for a leg, Behind the neck or shoulder hooks with his weapon and if his got me of footing or unbalanced he would pull his sharkie and try to stab me.

I was rather impressed.

It was his first time he sparred against someone using Kali and he was rather impressed. Their knife system of deployment was rather interesting and very to the point. Not really any slashes...

The grappling system he deployed was not very technical but very very effective. It was more of a charge to a flying or jumping tackle and then alot of smashing, Punches, gouges, Finger manipulation, Throat chokes and bites..

I found using BJJ against him was rather hard..And almost sometimes not worth the effort and just trying to get back to my feet.

The blows he threw were very off balance to look at, at first but they came from all directions..I saw how a good old fashion American hay maker could break though the line though.

The stalking he was using looked like Kali stalking to me..And then I brought this up to Guide Dogs attention.

It seems to me that Tribal People seems to fight almost the same or certain ways and Non Tribal civilizations seem to follow the same pattern.

I.E Western European Sword fighting and Eastern Japanese and Chinese Sword fighting follows this hand over hand stance, Front foot forward and a step to beat cut with very hard line blocks and cuts and maybe this has something to do with the fact that these groups had things like armour to protect and make up for certain movement? While Tribal groups seems to have this very free flow, Circle motion and some sort of zoning out, A stalk and hitting the limb before it hits you type stuff.

I also notice the grappling systems from tribal groups seem to follow this very brutal type of ground destruction. Bites, Gouges, Smashes and throat rends.

Am I totally off base here?

My friend also noticed this about Kali and NAFS he wondered about the samething after seeing kali being used against him.

Anyways, I brought this up to guide dog and asked him what he thought about my friend joining the ranks of a gathering and using his system to fight in it. He thought it sounded great but I need to help my friend find someone who can make a non lethal Tomahawk with the same snap as Rattan.

Any thoughts on this topic or suggestions?

Martial Arts Topics / Bando
« on: May 13, 2008, 03:30:44 PM »
I have a friend who is moving down here from Canada and is looking for a Bando school in Southren California. Would anyone know of one that teaches it?

Martial Arts Topics / Kali Fitness on DVD ?
« on: May 09, 2008, 12:00:14 PM »
Anyone have this Dvd or know anything about it?

Martial Arts Topics / Guide Dog's Class.
« on: April 28, 2008, 03:19:45 PM »
I can't get over how well Guide Dog took us though his Class on Sunday. I never get a feeling like I wasted my morning.  I walked away AGAIN not only feelings accomplished at what he was showing us of DBMA but I also had a chance to meet some really great folks and a place to go (Close) and practice some Grappling at.

Bryan, Thank you again for the wonderful experiance and if any of the guys from there are on this site please drop me private message.

To others...If you guys are in the Chino Hills area or surrounding area's. It would be time well spent if you contact Guide dog and he hopefully has room or time to fit you in!

Martial Arts Topics / Telescopic Batons
« on: April 03, 2008, 06:13:46 PM »
I just picked up a 26 inch Telescopic Asp Baton. I was wondering if anyone has any experiance with one and are they even worth using in self defence?

Martial Arts Topics / Training DBMA/Kali with C-Guide Dog
« on: March 15, 2008, 09:28:19 AM »
This is for the Lurkers, Soon to be's and the very interested.

I had a training session with Bryan "C-Guide Dog" Stoops Thursday night and I would have to say with all Honesty it was one of the best experiances I have had in my training in Kali. He showed me DBMA "Power" , One for One and a host of items that will allow me to improve my game..OH and not to mention helped me understand "The Gatherings" better. The Explaination on what to expect was just as Valuable as the training.

I was also shocked when I was taught that I had some holes that needed to be closed and I was glad it was pointed out and the explanation on how to do things was clear and understandable.

Fighting at gatherings has been a long time goal and C-Guide Dog now knows that but I was always alittle shaky on the whole thing. I didnt have the right questions and I was not able to find the right answers.

I am a Apprentice Instructor in Kali but what does that really mean? I really was not sure if I could carry myself into The Gathering with that.

Training Thursday with Bryan really started to answer my questions and even brought up some new ones and actually put my mind at ease ,I look forward to training with him again and listening to great drumming music while we train! (I need that cd  :wink: )

Thank you Bryan.

So for the people who want to fight at a gathering and have question about the what to expect. I suggest you find yourself a DB or someone who fought at a gathering and ask them all the questions you need to ask. From my experiance it seems they are willing to help you out  :-D

Martial Arts Topics / llustrisimo- Any one know of Locations in So.Cali
« on: February 24, 2008, 03:06:28 PM »
Anyone know of anyone in Cali that teaches llustrisimo?

Martial Arts Topics / Anyone have any good Circuit Ideas for home
« on: February 18, 2008, 08:41:40 PM »
I am pegging out on a serious work out and I need to push the limits again. I am looking for something that I can do at home when I am not training or at the gym.

At my home gym I have the basics, Push up bars, Steel chair, two big concret blocks (Can be used for dips and I also put my feet though the holes for sit ups.) I have curl bar, Dumbells.

So any kinds advice that would take me about 3 hours would be a help.


I was going to buy a pair but I was wondering if they are way to short or do the ride below the knee with free room and can the takae a beating and not rip durring the grapple?

Martial Arts Topics / Anyone Interested in Swords?
« on: February 09, 2008, 07:12:47 AM »
Anyone interested in swords? I am moving and I need to get rid of three if anyone is interested.  :-)

Martial Arts Topics / Judo = Hurts
« on: February 02, 2008, 02:25:55 PM »
I rolled with Judoka  today and my god..Their throws F*$#en HURT .. I thought I was gonna walk all of them on the ground. I had zero clue they pretty much did the same if not the same stuff we do in Bjj...And in Bjj I was never taught any of these brutal throws..And these throws were not done to me just letting them do it to me..We were fighting..And I gave   100% resistance and I think that made it WORSE.

Martial Arts Topics / Nutrition for Training
« on: January 30, 2008, 10:11:57 PM »
I heard Yams are great for a after work out sorce. Is this haga I am hearing?

Martial Arts Topics / Body Cracks to much
« on: January 23, 2008, 10:02:41 AM »
Anyone have the same thing going on? Everything on me seems to crack lol..Wrist, Shoulder, Back, Neck..Wtf?

I would like to know (If Any know who he is) What you think about his advice and Theory....I have my mixed thoughts about him. One..I have come to find out alot of what he talks about is BS and even some of his encounters are made up. But I was wondering what you all thought about him.

Martial Arts Topics / For Any Conan/Frazetta/Robert E. Howard Fans.
« on: January 04, 2008, 10:01:43 AM »
I know there are a couple of you out there. (I.E Sun Helmet  :-D )  And I thought some of you would enjoy this. This statue was released from the Famous Frazetta painting for Robert E Howards story The Frost Giants daughter titled The Snow Giants.

This really captures Frazetta Snow Giants perfect. I have to order one. 

Martial Arts Topics / Working out While Sick??
« on: January 03, 2008, 02:30:31 PM »
I read on WebMd that you can work out while you have the common cold...Anyone know if this is true or haga?  :?

Martial Arts Topics / Working out question -Abs
« on: December 26, 2007, 09:34:02 PM »
I was wondering if anyone knew about how many times a week are you sopposed to work out your abs to get those nice 6 pack. Is it a everyday thing with cardio or is it like every other muscle that needs time to recover?

Martial Arts Topics / Dog Brothers "Kali Open Hand"
« on: December 23, 2007, 11:56:26 PM »
Do the dog brothers have any clips or Vids while using Kali Open hand?

Martial Arts Topics / Messing up on my North South Choke- Help?
« on: December 22, 2007, 07:06:50 PM »
Ok. I can get into position but how do you apply the choke? Do you lean down into the neck or crank it upinto the bicep to get the choke?

Martial Arts Topics / Mactan chieftain Lapu-lapu the Movie
« on: December 16, 2007, 03:02:55 PM »
No mention of the current production in IMDB, which means a few
things. Biggest is that a major studio hasn't picked it up yet, for
either production, financing, or distribution. There are previous
"versions" of this story out on IMDB, the latest being 2002. Seems
like they want to do a U.S. based reboot of the story, with big studio
budget financing and production.

Anyways, here's the convo.

PRODUCER. A retired seaman who asked for anonymity emailed me to
express his interest in producing a Cebuano/Visayan movie on the life
and exploits of Mactan chieftain Lapu-lapu, the country's first hero.
He wrote that producing a Cebuano/Visayan film has been his dream even
before he started working overseas. The retiree from Carcar added that
he wants Boholano actor Cesar Montano to play Lapulapu and asked for
my opinion if getting him for the role is alright. Cesar may not be a
Cebuano like Lapulapu but his looks, body built and complexion could
highly qualify him for the role of the local chieftain.


BUDGET. The retired seaman also wrote that he has a budget of slightly
over P5 million for his initialventure. Frankly, I don't know if this
amount is enough to produce a period flick. He also plans to tieup
with a Manila-based producer as far as getting other stars for his
initial offering is concerned.However, I advised the film
producer-to-be to tap Cebuano talents themselves if he intends to save
a lot in terms of plane tickets, billeting, security, food and other
incidental expenses. The retired seaman is targeting August as the
start of the shooting period. This writer might be involved in the
production as one of the screeners and interviewers of those
interested to appear in the movie. The retired seaman has promised to
call me as soon as the date and venue of the screening and interview -
and most probably a screen test - shall have been fixed.HOPE. I don't
want to belittle the retired seaman's dream but I could only hope that
he will succeed inhis venture. His dream of producing a
Cebuano/Visayan movie is indeed laudable but honestly, I doubt if he
could come up with a second or follow-up production. To me, the ideal
ratio is at least two movies per year, if we are to ensure the
revival, viability and sustainability of the local film industry. One
moviealone per year is not enough to entice the general public to
patronize local films. Of course, catchingup with the number of
Tagalog productions per week, not per month or per year, is next to
impossible.However, two Cebuano/Visayan movies per year is good
enough—as a start. If this number increases eventually, so much the

( if any of you are wondering who the actor is they are talking about. He was in the great Raid)

Has anyone seen this stuff? Looks pretty cool but looks alot like Silat in some moves. Anyone know anything about it in the US? I thought I read there are no teachers out here.

Martial Arts Topics / Does anyone know what Knife Boxing is?
« on: October 27, 2007, 09:21:05 PM »
I over heard two guys talking about it and didnt get in on the convo but I was wondering if anyone here knew what it was.  :?

What they were doing looked like Kali...And boxing and boxing with a knife with the angles.

Martial Arts Topics / Dog Brothers Training Camp?
« on: October 02, 2007, 02:47:26 PM »
I was looking though the Photo area and stumbled across this. Is another one ever going to come up in the future?

Martial Arts Topics / Crafty Dog ?
« on: September 25, 2007, 12:48:47 PM »
I have a question about setting up a Private with you. It's just me 1 person and the total time is 5 hours , correct?

Can I do the deposit and set up the Private over the phone?

Martial Arts Topics / Anyone ever seen this Knock out "Chagaev"
« on: September 24, 2007, 06:58:43 PM »

Or this one...Not Chagaev but one of the many reason why I don't talk durring a fight...I was taught in my Kali /Sialt and BJJ school that if someone gets to close it's not for good. So dont talk.

And this one is just plain sad and funny he thinks he is still boxing

And Another

And last....

Martial Arts Topics / Sayoc kali?
« on: September 23, 2007, 06:15:08 PM »
Is it good stuff or Haga?

Is there a school in So cali?

Martial Arts Topics / What Styles do you Blend into your Kali?
« on: September 05, 2007, 10:06:28 AM »
It seem's like I run into alot of people that blend their Kali into something and use that instead of Empty hand Kali..


I use Kali FootWork, Concepts, Stick Work and Some Dumog but instead of the empty hand I go with Switch Boxing, Some Aikido and then BJJ for the ground work...

For Stick and Knife Just Kali

And I was wondering if anyone here practices Kenjutsu?

So...Just wondering what everyone here blends

Martial Arts Topics / Losing Weight and Protein Shakes
« on: August 19, 2007, 08:13:11 PM »
I heard from a guy that when you want to lose weight you knock off the protein shakes...Anyone know if this is true?

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