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Martial Arts Topics / Re: 2013 Open Gathering info
« on: September 18, 2013, 04:15:06 PM »
Woof Carlos - I have Pappy Dog bringing a couple for me, and then shipping them to me afterwards. Traveling with these is a pain. I prefer the shorter staff, will be fine to use short vs long staff if you are amenable.  Guro Crafty - thanks for bringing those.  Looking forward to it!

Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 2013 Open Gathering info
« on: September 11, 2013, 12:33:55 PM »
" If anybody has a staff I can borrow that would save me the trouble of carting mine around the airport"

I've arranged to have some there. 54 inch (jo staff length); fairly substantial but not overly so.  Looking forward to it!

Dr Dog.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 2013 Open Gathering info
« on: September 10, 2013, 05:47:09 PM »
Hi Lamont - love the moniker you've chosen  :wink:
Hee hee hee.....
Actually, Lamont, I have a great fight for you - Dog Clint, my training partner. You two would be an interesting match. He is good with any combination you care to try, including double stick or staff. I'll put you in touch that day. Trust me on this one.
Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 2013 Open Gathering info
« on: September 10, 2013, 06:35:41 AM »
Woof - dance card thus far-

Single stick - C -Yo Dog, Dog Jay
Staff - Guro Dirk, losronin( Carlos)
Double stick - David Hovey

Pretty full day for an old man.....

Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 2013 Open Gathering info
« on: August 20, 2013, 08:04:54 PM »
I was hoping for a staff fight Dr. Dog, but I see Guro Dirk beat me to it. Guro Dirk, I'll see you at the Gathering my friend.

As it turns out, Eric won't be attending, so I should have space for a second staff fight (assuming I survive the first) - I'll add you on the card!

Tickets bought, hotel reserved, printed up registration form and should have faxed in tomorrow.  Guess it's time to start training seriously!

Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 2013 Open Gathering info
« on: July 01, 2013, 07:13:50 PM »
Woof all!  

I will be there. I believe that Dr Doom and Ironman have a score to settle.....BWWWAHHHHAHHHAHHHHHHAAAA!
I have promised Eric a rematch on staff but I would not mind another staff fight.
I think Dog Jay and I were going to do a single stick match at the Tribal and didn't.
Other than that, I believe my dance card is open......

Dog Clint has also indicated he intends to be there.  He's kinda skinny, so if you're looking for an easy match ( :wink:)

Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: March 8-10, 2013 DBMA Training Camp
« on: January 23, 2013, 06:14:35 PM »
I'm in - this should be awesome!


C Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Evil in Connecticut and elsewhere
« on: January 17, 2013, 10:12:18 PM »
Woof Guro, thanks for the kind words. 

I did not have a written reference on the 1927 bombing. I had never heard of it but was flipping through channels and there was a documentary of it, I think on the history channel or similar, it was very well done and went into some depth.  Here is an article with a brief outline, but it doesn't capture the horror, and the insanity and cold calculations of the bomber, a 55 yr old farmer upset over taxes.

By the way, assuming I get confirmation of days off (which I should have had 2 days ago) I will be at the camp in No Carolina.  I will be in contact to coordinate shipping out some gas powered airsoft replicas of my P99 Walther and Browning hi-power, I'll use one but that leaves 2 for others if they need them. Have matching weapon specific holsters to fit. Train with what you use!  I am looking forward to the combat medicine refresher also!

C Dr Dog.

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Evil in Connecticut and elsewhere
« on: January 17, 2013, 09:01:47 PM »
Very good article by Ms Coulter. Incidentally, anyone who has not read the story of the 1927 school bombing really should. really places things in a different light.

Regarding the MEDICAL parts of the 23 executive orders, speaking as both a physician and an avid shooter/combat arms practitioner, there is nothing in the 23 points that goes beyond common sense with the exception possibly of directing the CDC to study gun violence - and that could be fine if done even-handedly and could even be helpful, although I don't trust the CDC to do a balanced analysis on this issue. There is nothing in the wording that states that I as a family practice Dr  HAVE to talk about guns, only that I am allowed to (which I do routinely on physical exams, especially for kids - reminding parents to secure arms and teach gun safety only makes sense). It is good to have a clarification that I am under no liability for reporting an obviously dangerous looney to the local PD - I am required to do it for unsafe driving, certainly should for truly obviously psychotic or violent patients. I tell you, living in a small town like I do, if I report such an individual can be a little nerve-wracking!  Striving for parity of mental health services with other services is LONG overdue. Overall, I think the executive orders are mostly reasonably balanced. Less draconian than I anticipated. That is being left to Congress, I suppose.

My understanding is that one state (I believe Connecticut) has proposed that all people seeking to purchase a gun need a letter from a doctor stating they are of sound mind. That is nuts and I am opposed to it on multiple practical and theoretical grounds. That is not among the proposed executive orders.

One danger we run into as people defending the 2nd amendment is that there are those who are irrational in their beliefs on both side; when we irrationally attack rational proposals, we feed into the "gun nut" stereotypes. There are a lot of  Americans out there with conflicted feelings on this issue. Alienating those who are attempting to be rational with Glenn Beck style rants and half truths doesn't help the cause. Remember that just because we disagree with it does not make a proposal irrational. There can be rational disagreement, in fact our system is built on it.  Irrational responses and over-the-top hyperbole just makes gun owners appear to be the paranoid crazies the gun-phobics think we are.  They are a lost cause. Its that large middle ground of Americans with mixed feelings on the issue we need to reach and show the light......

C Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Dog Howie: Rest in Peace----RIP
« on: January 16, 2013, 07:31:57 PM »
AJ - that was an awesome picture of an awesome day with awesome people. I feel blessed to have called Dog Howie my friend, and that picture really brings memories into sharp focus. Thank you.

C Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Rest in Peace RIP R.I.P.
« on: December 21, 2012, 08:27:08 PM »
I always find the part of the Academy Awards where they review those who have passed in the preceding year to be my favorite part- not in any morbid sense but because of the memories of great movies and performances that are always triggered by those montages. It seems in 2012 we lost some notable figures. This year-end montage from Yahoo news is done pretty well I think.  Here's to those we lost in 2012.

C Dr Dog.

Martial Arts Topics / Report from Houston Stick Fighting Association
« on: December 11, 2012, 09:24:39 AM »
Woof all!  Clint Taylor and I recently made the trip to Houston for the Houston Stick Fighting Association 4th Quarter Gathering. They are a loose association of several different schools who get together 3-4 times annually for some full contact stick fighting. The spirit is always supportive and educational, and there are several styles of FMA represented by the different schools (and sometimes WMA also).  Here's a couple clips of Clint and I in a couple matches.  This crazy fringe thing that we do is slowly growing! Thanks to Jason Evans for organizing and Eddie Martinez for hosting!


C Dr Dog

Double stick

Short staff on long staff

Clint single stick

Clint single stick with transition to boxing

Martial Arts Topics / DBMA School Program Seminar in Texas, Feb 2013
« on: December 11, 2012, 09:01:05 AM »

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Puzikas shoots instructor
« on: November 14, 2012, 04:33:29 PM »

I've trained 2 seminars with Sonny in the last couple years, and found him to be an excellent instructor with good common sense. I have seen people draw wrong conclusions from pictures of events I was at, without the context - granted, the courses I was taking were not the advanced house clearing type course that this one was, but we were shooting live fire on the move, and I saw Sonny display appropriate caution and adjust drills for safety on things I didn't think were a big deal;  I would train again with Sonny without hesitation.  The instructor shot was a good friend of his (this was just up the road in Dallas).  Prayers for both of them.

Here is an article which gives a more detailed account of the episode.
C Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 2013 Dog Brothers Tribal Gathering of the Pack
« on: October 20, 2012, 01:44:54 PM »
I will be there. WOOF!

C Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Happy Halloweapons!
« on: October 15, 2012, 07:05:22 PM »
Just a reminder - Halloween is around the corner - remember to buy extra pumpkins from the local charity pumpkin patch of your choice and then go out and practice cutting with live blades - it is a blast! Even better if you have a few different blades to get a feel for the differences. Bought my first 5 pumpkins today....our church thinks I am a wonderful supporter of the annual fundraiser, if they only knew  :evil:

C Dr Dog

Woof Point Dog and Mongolian Dog - good points and I agree about the spontaneity of the "open doors" policy. I was just throwing up an idea if it gets to the point where there are just too many fighters for a single day gathering at which point SOME way of limiting the number of entrants will be needed;  but as I said at the beginning of the piece, I don't think we are there quite yet, and I'd rather not see that happen - if it does, here is an option. Anything we can do to get more people fighting in more places at more levels is a good thing, right? (The unofficial slogan of the anarchist party....)

I do get the sense that the tide of opinion is to protect the tribal the way it is.

I do get the sense also that the tide of opinion is that we need a second open.... again I repeat my encouragement to support the Canadians, but if the interest is high enough for a second in So Cal, well, the more the merrier as long as the experienced fighters don't get too "diluted" between events.

Anyway, good discussion. I don't envy Guro Crafty on the details of organizing all this!

C Dr Dog

Woof all! Have to say, as someone flying in for these events, I'm with Gong Fu Dog on this one. I like the current structure. Here comes an essay, but I've been thinking on this....

First, regarding the number of fighters at the open, it was a long day but did anybody at the end of the day feel like they didn't get to do the fights they wanted because the day was too long?  As long as there's good drumming and good fights, I could have stayed another hour! There may come a point at which we need to limit the number of fighters (see my suggestion at the end) but I didn't sense that threshold was reached yet. Nobody said - "Ooops, 3PM, really wanted that last stick fight but everybody's hungry so I'll fly back to Texas without doing it......" Realistically another hour probably would do that, but I didn't get the sense that it happened yet.  Once the knife fight and initial stick fights were past it thinned out pretty quickly, my last 3 fights weren't that far apart.

Regarding the current structure, I think that having the Tribal closed gives people a little more to shoot for, and frankly, I felt that the 2 days is perfect - even so I didn't get to fight nearly as many of the other tribe members as I would have liked. I would hate to see that diluted. 3 days logistically will start to get a little prohibitive for some, and injury-wise there can sometimes be too much of a good thing. Combining Open and Tribal events will make it a little difficult to avoid more spectators, and it will be a little harder to exclude people who "just show up with the rest of my school's fighters", meaning it will be a little harder to keep the quality and close feel that the Tribal has. It could be done, but not nicely if people don't respect the "closed location" idea.  Lets say I bring out a new fighter for the Open part, what does he do during my Tribal day(s)?  Perhaps it worked in the past, I wasn't there, the full DB's know better than I on that. 

Regarding not being able to make a specific Gathering, sorry, but shit happens. If something is important enough to you, you will find a way. Hawaii doesn't have 2 official Ironman's because some people can't fly out there in a certain month. If you want to do it you plan accordingly. Life does sometimes get in the way, like weddings, deployments, etc. C'est la vie. Practice your art, sharpen your blade and surprise people even more at the next one. Having people spend some time between Gatherings (with the assumption that skills are improving in between and people are working towards a goal)  is beneficial so that when fighters become part of the tribe there is a certain "quality control". Time alone does not assure this, but lack of time will certainly not help quality control. Things worth having need to be earned. What's the hurry?

Another consideration (here's my marketing plug and main point) is that there are now more places to go to get "seasoning" prior to and between Gatherings. If your only event of the year is the Open Gathering, you are not doing your homework. I traveled to Houston every quarter for a year to get marked up by Top Dog et al prior to and after my first Gathering, we have hosted fight days in New Braunfels, TX and will do so again. I know that C Shadow Dog and Dog Pete and Salty Dog have hosted fight days and will continue to do so; there are the BTCOOC events; my point is that there is now an effective "farm club" system out there for sharpening skills aside from the Open, and more schools should be hopping on the bandwagon every year - that's how we will grow. In addition to the "unofficial" opportunities to fight, there is now an official Dog Brothers Gathering in Canada, which is open, and of course Europe.  If you want to fight more than once per year there are now plenty of venues - look for them! Rather than a second Open in California, I'd rather see us coordinate and support the Canadians to make each of our existing Gatherings as strong as possible. The second Open (with a capital O and full support and hoopla) should be the Canadian, IMHO. My understanding is that the same opportunities for advancement to Dog or Candidate, etc exist at the Canadian as at the Open and Tribal. I understand the Californians having different ideas about this, but as a national organization and network this is probably the rational plan for sustained growth. Schedule coordination between the events to allow some sort of "rhythm of the seasons" will be the key to success here. The current schedule isn't quite right for that, but that's another topic for another time....

Last point and a possible suggestion......if the Open gets too large, then make a requirement that a new fighter have fought in one of the various "farm club" events. Individuals should make the commitment to do the preparation and have some skills. You don't just go run the Boston have to qualify, and that's part of the reason its a premiere event. I'm not talking pro cards here, but SOME RCSF experience SOMEWHERE prior to stepping on the mat at at the Open would be a good idea.  Have BTCOOC, or the various club events serve as a certifying opportunity (certifying participation, not skill) so that a person is not stepping out at the Gathering as their first EVER real contact event. True, the Open would not be truly Open in the sense of any Joe Schmoe off the street showing up, but this would be a boon for the various ancillary events and schools/clubs and would get us a higher level of participant at the Open. The Open would perhaps be a little tougher, but thats OK because everyone there would have done this before at SOME level SOME where.... Thats a win-win for the whole organization from the individual schools on up. It would also give more groups incentive to become official DBMAA schools or host local fighting events, probably in conjunction with seminars. Again, win/win.
Sorry, that's a little more than 2 cents.......
C Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 2013 Dog Brothers Tribal Gathering of the Pack
« on: October 08, 2012, 03:27:24 PM »
As long as it's not 11-12 I'm good.  :-D

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 2013 Dog Brothers Tribal Gathering of the Pack
« on: October 08, 2012, 01:20:23 PM »
May 4-5 works great for me - later in May gets into end of year performances, etc.

C Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Tribal Gathering Spring 2013
« on: October 05, 2012, 06:17:05 PM »
I am taking the liberty of opening this thread because I am EXCITED and have some serious goals and preparation. Guro Crafty, I hope I have not overstepped my bounds.....

But now that the Open is over and we are taking stock and setting goals, I thought this is important enough to post here as a postlude and a prelude. The finish of one Gathering marks the start of preparation for the next, so...... start thinking about how you will apply your lessons for the Tribal!

 The Tribal is different than the Open. It is truly not to be missed. I can not put it into words, but EVERY fighter who is not a tribe member should be aspiring and every one who is a tribe member and has gone understands.  I don't get chatter before the Open anymore. I ALREADY have chatter for the Tribal. Challenging C-Yo Dog and Mongolian Dog probably have something to do with that (under the category of "it seemed like a good idea at the time"), but that's the kind of people you fight EVERY FIGHT. There are NO junk fights. Plus, it counts as 2 gatherings toward advancement (each day is separate). Mark your calendars now and start planning for May because the Tribal is the NUTS!
Hope to see you there! Make it a priority and TRAIN!
C Dr Dog
PS - I only have 2 slots on my dance card taken thus far....... :wink:

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 9/23/12 Dog Brothers Open Gathering of the Pack
« on: October 05, 2012, 06:10:45 PM »
Check out the pictures on Facebook! Awesome

But now that the Open is over and we are taking stock and setting goals, I thought this is important enough to post here as a postlude. The finish of one Gathering marks the start of preparation for the next, so......
 The Tribal is different than the Open. It is truly not to be missed. I can not put it into words, but EVERY fighter who is not a tribe member should be aspiring and every one who is a tribe member and has gone....let me put it this way.  I don't get chatter before the Open anymore. I ALREADY have chatter for the Tribal Challenging C-Yo Dog and Mongolian Dog probably have something to do with that, but that's the kind of people you fight EVERY FIGHT. There are NO junk fights. Plus, it counts as 2 gatherings toward advancement (each day is separate). Mark your calendars now and start planning for May because the Tribal is the NUTS!
Hope to see you there! MAke it a priority and TRAIN!
C Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Prayer and Daily Expression of Gratitude
« on: September 29, 2012, 07:07:01 AM »
Grateful to finally get the keys to our first home.   That was close...  Didn't want to hit 40 without ever buying a home for my family.   Now begins a new adventure ;)

Congratulations, and you are correct about the new adventure, particularly if you are the DIY type. Never a dull moment, always something to fix but it's different when it's yours.  Glad to hear things are going well.


C Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 9/23/12 Dog Brothers Open Gathering of the Pack
« on: September 14, 2012, 05:45:31 AM »
Woof Kaju Dog - Very pleased (and relieved) to hear that you will be there.  I will be fighting and it is hard to transition between roles. I got a small taste of that at the Tribal, and it wasn't easy, much respect for your years of watching out for your brothers. Gave me a better appreciation of combat medics, and that was with no one shooting at us!

See you in a week!

C-Dr Dog

Plane tickets bought, officially "in"!
40 days and counting.
Looking forward to standing with the tribe.


C Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / more King-Devick Test
« on: June 04, 2012, 07:24:33 PM »
Woof all -
as I noted above, the iPad version is a lot better than the iPhone version - as it turns out, that's because the iPhone version is not intended for actually administering the test, just as a timer/scoring device - the test needs to be administered with cards, iPad or computer and the iPhone app is strictly for obtaining the score in time and errors. Seems the King Devick people ran across the video and sent word to Guro Crafty and me to notify us of the error! Mea culpa, but I'm still playing with this and learning it myself. For those who are interested , here is the official demo site for videos of how to perform properly.

If they can ultimately get a handheld version, I suspect that will be even more useful at the sidelines in realtime, but it isn't here yet.

C-Dr Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DBMA Tribal Gathering: May 19-20
« on: May 21, 2012, 06:01:01 PM »
Woof Guro - I believe there were 2 fights involving tomahawk and knife  versus other combos a la "Last of the Mohicans"?
                  Short staff on spear
I felt like a kid in a candy store!  So hard to decide!

C Doctor Dog

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DBMA Tribal Gathering: May 19-20
« on: May 21, 2012, 09:00:56 AM »
At LAX- waiting for the flight home, still riding that post-Gathering high. This is like a powerful drug - my mind is already racing with thoughts of the next one! I've got time and a lot to think about so this may be a bit lengthy.....
I want to thank everyone I fought this weekend - you each taught me something. Especially Poi Dog whose willingness to "bring it" and whose huge smile and welcoming attitude has been to me from the start the model for what a Dog Brother should be, and Gung Fu Dog who has really given me respect for an ancient weapon (the spear) and has my mind reeling with thoughts of working on this - as a student of history, that was a special treat. Mongolian Dog - man he is a scary freak of nature when fighting, but has the driest quickest wit and is a completely class act - thank you for the token, it was unnecessary but appreciated. Dog Dayvid, I am enjoying being a witness to your journey - keep at it! Quiet Dog, Seeing Eye Dog - great knife fights, thank you both. Dog Pete - thanks for the lesson in groundwork! Candidate Dog Brother Terry - I feel like we are on this journey together and, like Dog Dayvid, I'm glad I can be a part of it.  Dog Joe - that was a fun fight, and again, thank you for the token. C-Mighty Dog - we didn't fight this time but I sure appreciate you being there and your friendship and help with the medical stuff. And I REALLY thank you for the persona that I would never have created myself but I can't imagine fighting without now - the Dr Doom Mask needs a little TLC before the next Gathering.
Lastly Guro Crafty and the full Dog Brothers for the promotion.  I value my new name and will do my best to represent well. Thank you.

C Dr Dog

Woof all - here's a couple links to something that I think will fairly rapidly become a standard in youth sports and hopefully all contact sports.  I think within a couple years you will see this as a required part of athletic physicals, certainly for contact sports. I think that smart gym owners will start obtaining baselines to show responsibility and concern (attorneys might argue not to, as this could provide documentation of what is otherwise a subjective injury; they may be right but I hope the best defense is to do the right thing).  The big problem with the test is that to be really effective you need a baseline BEFORE injury for each individual, and access to that number on the sideline rapidly. I think football team rosters or team trainers in the future will have a new baseline on each player each season and have it available at the sidelines as routine operating procedure. It is easy to do and only takes 3-5 minutes max once you have it down. 

Here's a link to the King-Devick test itself.

This is available as an app - I carry it on my iPhone, although the best version is to do on iPad.

Here's a link to a peer reviewed medical journal article suporting effectiveness.

Dog Rick

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DBMA Tribal Gathering: May 19-20
« on: April 19, 2012, 06:07:20 PM »
Ramping up a bit - starting to feel "real" and realizing there are going to be some damn good fighters present.
I'm really looking forward to this, although actually a little more nervous than at the Open because every dance here will be a real challenge.
But then, that's why we do this in the first place, right?

One month.....

Dog Rick

For anyone who might be taking care of head injured athletes (i.e., anyone who might be leading a class) this seems like it might be a good investment. $44 is a little pricey but peace of mind is worth it. $44 on iTunes store. With you all the time and can store baseline scores for multiple people over time for comparison.

 King-Devick Concussion Screening Test
By King-Devick Test, LLC

There may be more or cheaper ones out there, but this seems pretty good. I would recommend practicing on people for fun or getting baselines BEFORE someone is actually injured to make yourself comfortable with it under good conditions without adrenaline and pressure.

Dog Rick

Woof C-Mongolian Dog - I am very curious as to which screening tool he is using or if the study is attempting to validate a new screening tool. One of the ideas of many of these tools is to establish a baseline that can be given by different administrators over time and still be valid (i.e. comparable results for the same individual assuming no baseline change). If so, this should be easily reproducible. Any chance you could find out which tool he is using? Two more common ones are the SCUT and the MACE (I don't remember what they stand for) and I know there are others. 
There's also a free app you can download onto your iPhone called imPact which is supposed to be really useful for trainers and similar people that has the screening guidelines and questions all loaded for you - perfect when your there on the sidelines and are not quite sure what to do next. I've never actually used it but its supposed to be very helpful and is free and is better than sitting there guessing what to do next. I'm going to finally get around to downloading it as soon as I'm done here, and will report back a little more after I've had a chance to look it over better.

It is ABSOLUTELY critical to protect your IQ. That's part of the reason I do RCSF instead of heavy muay thai or MMA sparring. Yes, we take the occasional headshot but those guys do it ALL THE TIME, and the sum total damage is much more over time than we get in the gatherings. My brief recent stint in a boxing class gave me cause for concern enough to where I was weighing whether I could justify staying in it, when my coach left town and saved me the decision.  I consider that far more dangerous than what we do, certainly on average over time.  The big thing with FMA is simply practicing and sparring with protecting your head first and foremost goal and fighting like you want to live. That's the best protection. 

Dog Rick

Martial Arts Topics / Re: 9/23/12 Dog Brothers Open Gathering of the Pack
« on: February 20, 2012, 07:46:08 PM »
Woof JSWorth - I recognize that excitement and burning enthusiasm  :-D - I know the feeling. All of us who have done a gathering have felt that. Keep that going strong and keep training and if you are there in September, I'd be happy to save a dance for you. I think it helps to have at least a match or two prearranged - helps with motivation in training and keeping it focused.

Dog Rick

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Guro Crafty in New Braunfels, TX Feb 3-5
« on: February 08, 2012, 09:35:22 PM »
Here's a link to the seminar photo - I can't seem to get this to load, so if anyone who is better at this wouldn't mind giving me a hand? Much appreciated!

Guro Crafty Dog and Guro Boo Dog and the gallery of rogues. Many thanks to everyone who participated for the great spirit and camaraderie. I hope everyone learned at least as much as I did and enjoyed it as much. A LOT of material to work on, including krabi, dos triques, some pretty cool moves for when you've been knocked on your tail, kali tudo introduction and a lot more. Padded stick tournament was a blast. People came from as far away as Montana, Louisiana and Arkansas. A lot of sweat and smiles.

 Thanks again to the Guros and to Bubba Norton and Warriors Edge for hosting.

This was a great formal introduction to the Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association school program, of which we are now a member. Again, many thanks!

Dog Rick

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Emergency Tips and Emergency Medicine
« on: February 08, 2012, 09:26:26 PM »
Awesome!  One for each car!
The thing I DREAD hearing when I'm out and about is "Is there a doctor in the house?" because most of the time I am helpless other than simple first aid when I have no equipment of any kind. Terrible feeling.  Been meaning to put one of these together for years and probably never will get around to it. THis is much better. I am curious if Kaju has any suggestions for additions or modifications when he gets a look at this. I will post anything obvious I see.

Dog Rick

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Guro Crafty in New Braunfels, TX Feb 3-5
« on: January 27, 2012, 06:19:32 AM »
Woof all! One week today till the seminar with Guro Crafty and Guro Boo Dog! Here's the info again for anyone considering. If you need a place to stay close by, I recommend the Edelweiss Inn - nice rooms very inexpensive (8306296967) Anyone considering coming or needing the registration forms can E- mail me at


Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny at Warrior’s Edge Feb 3-5, 2012 in New Braunfels, TX
Dog Brothers Martial Arts Co-Founder Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny, assisted by Guro Matt "Boo Dog" Booe.
This will be a good introduction to the Dog Brother Martial Arts approach, both for those who already practice stick arts and for those who are new.

If you pay in advance, before 2/01/12, total seminar fee for all 3 days is only $100.00. For our law enforcement friends, there is no fee. Come train with us!

Fri 2/03- 7:00-9:00 $30
The DBMA paradigm; progression of stick fighting to empty hand to applications in a weapons based environment.

Sat 2/04 9-12:00 $50
Core Principles and Exercises in Dog Brothers Martial Arts
1:30pm – Until its over – Padded stick tourney. Included in the fee for Saturday. We will provide sticks and headgear.

Sun 2/05 10:00-1:00 $50 Continuation of DBMA Core Principles.

If you pay in advance, before 2/01/12, total seminar fee for all 3 days is only $100.00. For our law enforcement friends, there is no fee. Come train with us!
Later that night we will have the Super Bowl on a projector screen.

Warriors Edge,
231 South Business I-35, New Braunfels TX, 78130 830-358-7043


Or Easter, for that matter....

Just curious GD, are you supplying the chainsaws or should participants bring their own?

Dog Rick

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DBMA School Program
« on: October 01, 2011, 06:45:46 AM »

Martial Arts Topics / Re: DB in the media
« on: September 26, 2011, 06:57:56 PM »
Hey, I'd call that good publicity! 

Speaking of which, is there any rumor about when the CNN special/article (or whatever it will be) might be airing? And is C-Mighty Dog really wearing a kilt in it? 

Dog Rick

Martial Arts Topics / Re: Prayer and Daily Expression of Gratitude
« on: September 20, 2011, 11:18:48 AM »
Woof all! Grateful for so much that I don't know where to begin.  Grateful for a brotherhood where people understand that without me having to say any more.

Dog Rick

Well I am of Scottish/Irish decent so I guess I can claim "Clan Buchanan", but unfortunately the Highland Games have exactly ZERO stick-fighting involved.

Woof - Point Dog is correct. If you google "PurpleHeart Armoury" (or Armory) they offer traditional Scottish "single stick" with either boiled leather or wicker handguards and also historical instructional manuals.

Besides, isn't a caber a REALLY big stick?

Love to see the buzz building - this is going to be a great gathering. My regular training partner Clint is jumping in - his first Open Gathering but he's done 4 gatherings here in Texas and should do well.  Really looking forward to seeing him on this stage.

Also, I know its not really part of the fighting, but I'm lokoking forward to the display of mask art that really seems to be proliferating.  Toki's started a fun trend!

" In my experience with the DB's, we really are fiends at the end of the day."

Woof Guide Dog, I'm assuming this is Freudian? 
Can't wait to see everyone again - and ESPECIALLY the post fight gathering at the bar....
I've been doing martial arts in one form or another for over 25 years and have never seen post fight camaraderie like I felt after my first Open Gathering last year.  If you are planning on fighting, make sure you also allot time to make the post Gathering gathering! 


Martial Arts Topics / Re: Other Weapons
« on: July 21, 2011, 05:26:32 PM »
Woof Dog Terry -
Latigo? I googled this and all I'm coming up with is a wide leather strap used for cinching a saddle. Its that what you are fighting with?

Perhaps fighting with the entire saddle.....nah, to hard to pack in from Texas.


Martial Arts Topics / Re: The Older Warrior
« on: July 20, 2011, 04:43:31 PM »
"Does the class toughen the student or does the class select for tough students?"

The question I am asking myself is how to do both - challenge the tough students and toughen the less so, without making EVERYONE unhappy. That's the question - we were discussing similar questions on the DBMA facebook page recently.


Woof Pappydog! Keep your head down. We will miss you at the Gathering.

So, in the interest of keeping up the training's my dance card :
1) Tobias Gibson, knife warmups
2) Jason Jones, single stick
3) Steve "Iron Dog" Shelton, single stick
4) Toki "C-Mighty Dog" Rembrandt, double stick
5) Roan "Poi Dog" Grimm, staff

Insurance is paid up and I'll have folks there to take me to the hospital  :wink:


Martial Arts Topics / Re: Law Enforcement issues and LE in action
« on: July 11, 2011, 05:15:16 PM »
Wow - my knowledge of anatomy is better than most and I am having a heck of a time figuring this one out.
That means at least 2 massive cuts, one on either side of the aorta and avoiding the renal arteries (or  he'd have died promptly)
Or disemboweled and then cut the entrails themselves once they were exposed?
And the guy ran 3 blocks to get help!

This is why I miss the ER work.... my stories now are a lot less interesting.....


Martial Arts Topics / Re: Other Weapons
« on: July 09, 2011, 06:58:36 AM »
Thanks Guro. My thoughts also about the high damage potential with MS. Perhaps TOO much of a learning experience, especially since our gatherings are fairly new here and I'm trying to broaden our base of fighters, not scare them off! At least, not yet!


Martial Arts Topics / Re: Other Weapons
« on: July 08, 2011, 03:29:54 PM »
Woof - we have a guy coming to the next minigathering in New Braunfels next Saturday who has a strong muay thai background and he was asking about mae souks (spelling) and asking if anyone would be willing to fight him with that. He had a pair with him that looked pretty scary - sharp hard wood edges - has laceration written all over it. As the sponsor, I advised him I really thought that particular pair at least was not a good idea. I'd rather not be stitching people after EVERY one of these....

 I'm wondering if anyone has any RCSF type experience with Mae Souks other than Top Dog's double knife fight, and do they make these with more rounded edges so that a hit is not a guaranteed cut?  They look vicious for the inside game.


Woof C-Mighty Dog!  I've been a little worried......

Do you think that my wearing one of your custom masks will be too great an advantage when we fight?
I'd hate for you to have mixed emotions about hitting hard against your own handiwork  :wink:
Let me know if I should bring an alternate mask - I'd hate for you to feel conflicted!
Looking forward to September!


Whooaaa! Toki talking smack already?

I call that pretty bold talk for a one armed Thai man!

Fill your hands (with sticks), you son of the beach!


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