Tribal Gathering Registration

Saturday & Sunday – May 2 – 3, 2020

Start Time: 11am

Let the howl go forth!

The 2020 USA Tribal Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack® is scheduled for Saturday & Sunday, May 2 – 3, 2020. Start time: 11am at the park known as Dog Brothers Holy Ground.

Because at the park we have no location costs and associated expenses, there’s NO REGISTRATION FEE!

We do have a cameraman though. Any contributions to help pay for his services are gratefully accepted BUT not mandatory.

Remember, at the Holy Ground:

The only rest room is a full block away. No changing rooms. No water fountains. No bleachers or benches for people to watch. Parking is limited – get there early to have sufficient time to find a place to park. Subject to the weather. Subject to being shut down by the police. To participate, you must remember FOUR things:

First: Pre-register. This must be handled in advance. If you are not on the registered list of fighters – you do not fight. 

Second: Whether you fight or just watch, as always – No suing no one for no reason for no reason for nothing no way no how. Only you are responsible for you. Protect yourself at all times. One rule only – be friends at the end of the day.

Third: NO VIDEO CAMERAS PLEASE! Fight footage will be provided to Tribe Members in the Tribal Gathering online archive.

Fourth: Attention all Full Dog Brothers, nominations for ascension can be discussed on the Tribe Members Forum.

“Higher Consciousness through harder contact”®


Crafty Dog Marc Denny
Guiding Force / DB Inc.

Fu Dog / Mark O’Dell
American Representative on the Council of Elders

Registered Fighters List