This year’s Camp is dedicated to our “DIE LESS OFTEN” curriculum, with emphasis on Knife, Anti-Knife, and the distinctive issues in Empty Hand Striking for DLO problems.

My co-instructors will be Original Dog Brother and Dog Brother legend, Dogzilla Michael Tibbitts. Mike brings the insights of thirty three lively years as a Federal Corrections Officer to the material here. He has been of deep influence on me in developing DBMA’s Die Less Often system.

Also joining us will be Guro Splinter Dog Antone Haley. Antone is also the 2X National Tactical Games champion and a street officer and DT instructor for the San Francisco Police Department.


10:00am – 12:00pm
1:00pm – 3:00pm
6:00pm – 8:00pm

10:30am – 12:30pm
2:00pm – 4:00 pm
5:00pm – 7:00pm

10:00am – 12:00pm
1:00pm – 3:00pm
4:00pm – 6:00pm

This camp will take place at Central PA Mixed Martial Arts – CPAMMA (Guard Dog Den) in State College, PA which is conveniently located in the middle of Pennsylvania easily accessible from Pittsburgh or Philadelphia which have quickie flights to State College Airport (SCE) which is only a five minute drive away.) For hotels, click the following link and search “near by” hotels:

The cost of a civilian weekend seminar in the United States is $1500 per weekend, plus airfare, hotel. Email or give a call 310-543-7521 (24 Hour Number) for further details or to ask about military and law enforcement programs.

Private Lessons

Personal Training Programs

Private Training With Punong Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” DennyIf you want to really deepen and accelerate your growth, a Personal Training Program is the way to go. A PTP allows me to really focus on the particular individual(s) in front of me, whether beginner or advanced.

I enjoy what I do and with someone earlier in his/her path, my goal is to unlock his particular combination of learning modalities (visual, verbal, kinetic, etc) and install the building blocks that will best serve him to not only become someone to be reckoned with in short order but also serve as a sound foundation for growth over time. After all, the mission is to walk as a warrior for all our days!

I’ve been doing this a while now and have developed what I think is a pretty good menu of options and progressions in which to exercise them. The goal for me is to enable a higher rate of growth for all training that you may experience from our training forward. The art and science of helping someone do this is something that engages me fully, so please let go of any fear (“False Expectation Appearing Real” as the saying goes) of not being of a level “worthy” of training with me! Also let go of the fear that I am only interested in teaching people who want to stickfight at a Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack. I teach far more “Practitioners” than I do “Fighters”. So please let go of the fear that training with me means that I will be hitting you with sticks. Deep learning is best accomplished in a state of relaxed focus. Pain and fear are contrary to that state. Our idea is to train with “The Three ‘F’s: Fun, Fit, and Functional”.

The training should be FUN to do, or we will not continue doing it. The human animal enjoys cultivating skill over time and the martial path is a particularly satisfying and meaningful one.

The training should promote HEALTH & FITNESS. The healthier and fitter we are the more we enjoy life and the more we bring to any application of the skills.

And the training should be FUNCTIONAL– what you learn should work.

When we train together, my teaching is informed by:

  1. being a private student of and Guro under Guro Dan Inosanto and several other outstanding teachers.
  2. friends, coaches, training partners suchs as pro-MM fighter Pedro Munhoz of Team Blackhouse, MMA wrestling coach Kenny Johnson, Frankie McRae for firearms, and many more
  3. my experience as Crafty Dog, co-founder and “Guiding Force” of the Dog Brothers
  4. my experience at putting people on the field at Dog Brothers Gatherings– this includes not only obvious candidates for such endeavors, but artists, musicians, and “people who never knew they had it in them”
  5. training law enforcement: working with LEOs is a wonderful experience– not only do they have great stories for lunch time, but they bring a trememdously grounded perspective on practical problems in dealing with the people acting badly.
  6. Department of Homeland Security, and
  7. US and allied military.

Of course the more experience you bring to our training, there is more and more we can go into. Unlike a class or a seminar the focus is you and you alone. In your DBMA Personal Training Program there is no one size fits all– what we train is up to us. Some people prefer to focus on the “real contact stick fighting”; some on empty hand (our “Kali Tudo” ™ system); others prefer to focus on real world application– what we call “Die Less Often-The Interface of Gun, Knife and Empty Hand”; and many prefer a blend of all of them for the synergy of “consistency across categories”. It is up to you!

The logistics of the Personal Training Programs are these:

The specifics of your training schedule is something we work out together. That said, a typical day of training is usually five hours. What most people choose is to start at 1000 and go until 1230 with suitable breaks along the way. Then we break for lunch for until 1400. I like long relaxed lunches. The 90 minutes allows us to eat, talk and digest before returning recharged to the afternoon’s training from 1400-1630.

Our “Vice President in Charge of Reality” Cindy will help you with choosing hotel arrangements and related travel matters. Reach her at 310-540-6853. Know that we are a family business (translation: we have children and she may not always get back to you immediately) Regardless where you stay, the climate here is agreeable year round and many people who live in cold climes like to schedule their training during their colder months. A typical winter day here is usually 60-72 degrees.

The cost is $100 per hour for 1-2 people. Each additional person is $25 more. For US and Allied military, and for Law Enforcement there are special prices to express our gratitude.

*Please print this form and mail it to us prior to your training: Download Form


Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny

Punong Guro “Crafty Dog” Marc Denny
Head Instructor
Dog Brothers Martial Arts
10205 US Hwy 15-501
Unit 26, #283
Southern Pines, NC 28387