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Birmingham Seminar

written by Krishna Godhania Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th May. Venue – Newman College, Birmingham, England. Guro Marc Denny (aka Crafty Dog), the driving force behind the Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association, held a...

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Fratelli Del Cane Via Kali

NON si tratta di una societ? di amici dei cani, neanche di uno gruppo di cani con bastoni, ? piutossto un “gruppo di amici che, con bastoni, si scontrano come cani”. Alcuni di voi hanno avuto l’occasione di...

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He Had His Art

written by Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny Several years back, a man I had fought at a “Dog Brothers Gathering” went out behind his school and blew his brains out. He was involved in intense law enforcement work...

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Interview With Guro Crafty

ENTREVISTA A MARC “CRAFTY DOG” DENNY (Por Ricardo Diez Sanchis) ENTRADILLA El Maestro Marc Denny, fundador del grupo m?s temido y respetado en la actualidad dentro del mundo del Kali Filipino, los Dog Brothers,...

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PERRO QUE HABLA Entrevista con el “Crafty Dog” (El perro astuto) de los “Dog Brothers” Este articulo fue publicado en la revista Cintur?n Negro n?117 del mes de Octubre y n?118 de Noviembre de 1.999. A la...

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Let’s Roll

We all know of the “well-regulated militia” of our Second Amendment. It is very much worth noting that in the usage of when the Bill of Rights was written, “regulated” did NOT mean “regulations”. It meant “smoothly running”. Thus, an accurate watch could be said to be “well regulated”.

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Saved By The Militia

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