The Challenge – Day 7

Day Seven of The Challenge. Guessing this to be 1996. One of the first times I fought without Eric or Arlan fighting as well– a busy day for me! Running the Gathering; Coaching my students; and being the only one of the three of us fighting Thanks to the RCSFg videos being released in 1993, … Read more

The Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 of the Challenge: Marc: I wanted to let you know that since we have started working together I have learned a tremendous amount. More so with the adaptation of your fighting (deleted)stance and the flexibility it offers for my Gunfighter series. I have found that it allows for a more mobile base to … Read more

The Challenge – Day 4

Day Four of the Challenge: I decided to share this clip of Top Dog Eric Knaus and me hanging out in my living room (1998?) Cindy had just entered my life so the blue screen backdrop I had up for shooting videos in house is gone, as are the wrestling mats– though the ceremonial weapons … Read more

The Challenge – Day 3

Day Three of the Challenge With DBMA Guro Splinter Dog Antone Haley at US Border Patrol. Antone is really something, as mentioned here recently he won the Tactical Games, (he contributed a key insight that played a vital role in the development of DBMA’s gun-knife integration material) is San Fran PD, featured in Kali Tudo … Read more

The Challenge – Day 2

Day Two of the Challenge: On the set of “Bad Boys from Brazil” with three of the five Machado Brothers (Jean Jacques, John and Rigan) with whom I began training in 1990. Carlos (not seen here) is featured in Dog Brothers Real Contact Stick Fighting #5“The Fang Choke”. Rigan Machado came with Top Dog Eric Knaus and me when … Read more

The Challenge – Day 1

Not sure I really understand what this “Ten Day Photo Challenge” is about, but I gather I am supposed to post a picture every day for ten days of something important in my martial art life. Here I am with some of my backyard students. Cunning Dog Sasha Alex Bondarenko Fu Dog Mark O’Dell and Beowulf Mark Houston have all become … Read more