The Challenge – Day 4

Day Four of the Challenge:

I decided to share this clip of Top Dog Eric Knaus and me hanging out in my living room (1998?) Cindy had just entered my life so the blue screen backdrop I had up for shooting videos in house is gone, as are the wrestling mats– though the ceremonial weapons remain up on the wall.

There is no way I could overstate what a good friend Eric has been to me, and how important he has been to my Life.

When we first met, I was 34 and he was 29 or 30. I was just beginning my fighting life. He was already the dominant force that he was and was to remain for many, many years. Indeed, he grew considerably over the years. In contrast, my athletic experience consisted of frisbee and , , , indulging in the merriments of the late 60s, whereas he had been a defensive end for Columbia U football, playing lacrosse, and training in Pekiti Tirsia Kali.

I may have been the visionary and the Johnny Appleseed but without him, there would be no Dog Brothers. He was the FIGHTING FORCE around whom we coalesced– not only for reasons of his extraordinary skill, but because of how he used it to to bring us, very much including me, forward.

Appreciate that for most of the clip he is swinging 7.5 lb steel bars while he and I are schmoozing about various matters of the moment.

Cameo appearance by “Moro”, my beloved second Akita.

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