Trigg 101

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9 thoughts on “Trigg 101”

  1. Never noticed the detail of using the hooks but also shielding their arm with your arm on the inside. Feels as profound as when I found out I was not doing the Caveman right.

  2. Notice that on our cross we must be aware of his intention to throw a cross at the same time.

    Think about applying here the MDC (Multi Directional Chamber) material developed this year.

    If we rotate our cross so that the thumb is pointed down, our shoulder will naturally cover our jaw– important safety detail.

    With this we also have the option of converting the cross into the non-retracting modality i.e. having it continue to the over side of the head and by so doing step through the portal to two hits per shift of body weight and third hand modalities.

  3. You get it!

    Expanding upon the articulation, we can say that this is an example of a portal between two idioms of movement– from boxing type strikes (straight and curved forehand thrusts) into our Kali Tudo “Third Hand” idiom of movement with its “two hits per shift of body weight” and all the attendant implications.

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