New Download: The Kalimba

Many of the most potent stories in martial arts revolve around going to the Homeland of the Art and meeting an Old Master who, if he finds you worthy, shares of his knowledge and wisdom with you. This download is a part of what I learned from such an Old Master in the Philippines, and … Read more

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Stick Fighting

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Stick Fighting
A Dog Brother’s Approach to Training Realistically in BJJ

When I started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I had one goal: to successfully incorporate gi grappling into my stick fighting at Dog Brothers Gatherings.  I never enjoyed getting hit by a stick and suspected my opponents felt the same way.  Being able to end fights by inflicting the least amount of damage seemed like the most “humane” approach to a Dog Brothers Stick Fight. Jiu-Jitsu gave me a blueprint for how to accomplish this by using “submissions.”

The “no rules” aspect of Dog Brothers Gatherings coupled with the fact that at any time one can get hit with strikes from a weapon or limb (including head butts and the occasional groin shot) adds a whole new level of realism to a fight.  Not to mention the possibility of hidden training blades on my opponent that could come out at any time.  Albeit unintentional, I’ve even been fish hooked in a gathering.  This “realism” is an aspect of fighting that is widely neglected in Sport Grappling, the Striking Arts and Mixed Martial Arts.

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2015 Midwest DBMA Training Groups Highlights

In addition to our annual Midwest Get-Together, we had a strong showing at the Dog Brothers Open Gathering in Los Angeles where several Midwest DBMA practitioners were recognized as “Dogs.” We also hosted a “Beat The Crap Out Of Cancer” event and raised over $2,500 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Punong Guro Marc Denny traveled to the Midwest twice to teach seminars, and our regional groups continue to train hard.

Die Less Often 5 – featuring Frankie McRae

PURCHASE DOWNLOAD DLO 5: The Crafty Shooting Stance featuring Frankie McRae and PG Crafty Dog Marc Denny Running Time: 2 Hours Topics covered in this course: The Crafty Dog Shooting Stance Balance, Stability, Maneuverability Rise & Muzzle Flip The Axis Effect Grip Fundamentals Shooting Fundamentals The Draw Initial Threat The Dracula The Crafty Draw Stroke … Read more

Check out the article in this issue by our own Lester “Surf Dog” Griffin!

Frank Shamrock on the March 2008 Cover of Gladiator Magazine!

Mixed martial arts and UFC fighting legend Frank Shamrock, called “the greatest fighter in the history of the Octagon” by UFC creator Art Davie, will appear on the March 2008 cover of Gladiator Magazine, the number one periodical for mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission grappling, and combat sports.

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