Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Stick Fighting

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Stick Fighting
A Dog Brother’s Approach to Training Realistically in BJJ

When I started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I had one goal: to successfully incorporate gi grappling into my stick fighting at Dog Brothers Gatherings.  I never enjoyed getting hit by a stick and suspected my opponents felt the same way.  Being able to end fights by inflicting the least amount of damage seemed like the most “humane” approach to a Dog Brothers Stick Fight. Jiu-Jitsu gave me a blueprint for how to accomplish this by using “submissions.”

The “no rules” aspect of Dog Brothers Gatherings coupled with the fact that at any time one can get hit with strikes from a weapon or limb (including head butts and the occasional groin shot) adds a whole new level of realism to a fight.  Not to mention the possibility of hidden training blades on my opponent that could come out at any time.  Albeit unintentional, I’ve even been fish hooked in a gathering.  This “realism” is an aspect of fighting that is widely neglected in Sport Grappling, the Striking Arts and Mixed Martial Arts.

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DBMA Stick Grappling: Guard – Anti-Guard – Download Now Available!

3 Hours & 50 Minutes of Top Notch training from Punong Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny!

“If You See It Taught, You See It Fought.” Nobody field tests like PG Crafty (the man who brought BJJ to Dog Brothers fighting) and the Dog Brothers.

Stick Grappling has three simultaneous fights:

*The stick striking

*The MMA/”Kali Tudo” ™

*The stick grappling

What may be sound in one of these fights can be a big error in one or both of the others– the key is mental fluidity and keeping track of all three fights simultaneously.

This 2 DVD/Download set is packed with field tested material:

*Getting to clinch and what to do when there; and taking it to the ground or getting taken to the ground. All previous material in this regard is given an integrated overview. With that in hand, we get to the meat of this offering: the “Rico Guard”and Anti-Guard

Volume 1 (1 Hour 48 Minutes):

  • Getting Into Range
  • The Roof Block
  • Attacking Blocks
  • Kesa Gatame & The Fang Choke
  • Fang His Pike
  • Roof – #5 – Different Putar Kepala
  • Left Hand Down
  • Possibility of Over Under
  • The Camel Toe Variation
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • Sapu into Little Head Big Head
  • The Inosanto Saw
  • End Reversal Into Sapu
  • Siete Colores Throw
  • The Rico
  • The Rico in Stick Clinch
  • Elbow Control
  • Losing The Angle: Getting Squared Up
  • Establishing the “Rico Guard”
  • Death From Above
  • Discovering The Options
  • Hip Sweep
  • Kimura
  • Neck Crank into Octopus
  • Guard Dog
  • Knee spear
  • The Shut Down
  • Stick Neck Crank From The Guard
  • Z Guard
  • Guard – Omo Plata – Side Control
  • Left vs. Right
  • Rico Guard Counter – Re-Counter
  • Slovenian Nutcracker
  • Slovenian Pliers
  • Free Monkey

Volume 2 (2 Hours 2 Minutes):

  • Countering The Shut down
  • Get Ups
  • Countering the De La Riva Hook
  • Siniwali Leg Pass
  • Attack The Back Control
  • Interviews & Fight Analysis
  • Origins of DBMA Stick Grappling

PG Crafty is assisted by:

  • Guro Mark “Beowulf” Houston
  • Guro Antone “Splinter Dog” Haley
  • Guro Mark “Fu Dog” O’Dell& “Catch Dog”

2015 Midwest DBMA Training Groups Highlights

In addition to our annual Midwest Get-Together, we had a strong showing at the Dog Brothers Open Gathering in Los Angeles where several Midwest DBMA practitioners were recognized as “Dogs.” We also hosted a “Beat The Crap Out Of Cancer” event and raised over $2,500 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Punong Guro Marc Denny traveled to the Midwest twice to teach seminars, and our regional groups continue to train hard.

Die Less Often 5 – featuring Frankie McRae

DLO 5: The Crafty Shooting Stance featuring Frankie McRae and PG Crafty Dog Marc Denny

Running Time: 2 Hours

Topics covered in this course:

  • The Crafty Dog Shooting Stance
  • Balance, Stability, Maneuverability
  • Rise & Muzzle Flip
  • The Axis Effect
  • Grip Fundamentals
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • The Draw
  • Initial Threat
  • The Dracula
  • The Crafty Draw Stroke
  • Feedback On The Stance
  • Retention & Close Quarter Issues
  • High Ready, Moving Through A Crowd


  • 720p HD
  • Chapter Markers for easy navigation
  • Fully tagged for easy filing in iTunes or your favorite video playlist system



I wanted to let you know that since we have started working together I have learned a tremendous amount. More so with the adaptation of your fighting stance and the flexibility it offers for my Gunfighter series. I have found that it allows for a more mobile base to a more reflexive stance that keeps the shooter from becoming too lazy and moving into a Weaver stance. Indeed, I think it no less an innovation than the Weaver stance and no less deserving of its own name and hereby propose “the Crafty Dog Stance”.


You know how I feel about a restrictive position. The Crafty Dog gives a more powerful position to the shooter to start from and makes movement easier. It is better for recoil management in a rapid shooting engagement and allows smaller shooters and women to shoot bigger handguns without all the shoulder involvement. It allows for better follow thru and for sure makes recovery easier for faster shooting and quicker target engagement for follow on shots. I just taught a three day Gunfighter course and some of the students had attended a previous course. They loved the new addition and thought it was better adapted to shooting as well. One student said it was more comfortable for him to use the Crafty Dog than a regular Isosceles because it put less stress on his lower back with all the kit on. Anything that helps our backs with 60lbs of body armor and kit has got to be better than the normal. I wanted to thank you again for the mentoring and the new techniques you have taught me. I hope one day to be able to reciprocate as much.


Frankie Mcrae

Die Less Often 4 – Trauma Care – featuring Frankie McRae

“Statistically, you are far more likely at some point in your life to be dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic injury, be it bullet, blade, chainsaw, automobile, lawnmower, etc, than you are to be pulling out your gun or knife in self defense, and the person injured is likely to be you or a loved one.
“I just finished reviewing the new “Trauma Care” offering as the latest installment of the “DieLess Often” series. As a former military doctor, I have completed the Combat Casualty Care Course (C4) and have spent plenty of hours moonlighting in the ER, but if you don’t use skills regularly you lose them. In that spirit a couple years ago I attended this seminar taught by Frankie McRae, and found it extremely practical and useful.
“The new algorithms being taught to the combat medics now as a result of all our recent casualty experience frankly make a lot more sense than what I was taught years ago. I would add that the content is logical and easily understood by non-medical people. The emphasis on material that is most likely to be useful (improvised if necessary) was quite good.

“For those willing to go the extra mile and have a kit with them (e.g. in the glove box of their car, and/or at home) the section on what to have with you or readily accessible is very good. Even as a M.D. It made me rethink my personal preparedness. I now almost always have a kit with an additional self applicable tourniquet and nasal airway, small flashlight and blade in a small bag with me. I made that decision and commitment after attending this seminar.”

“Dr. Rick “Doctor Dog” Laue, M.D”

Many of us work on skills with guns, knives, and other weapons and tools that make holes in people, yet few of us work on the skills of keeping people with those holes alive until higher medical authority arrives. Now with this approximately three hour Download, you have “Trauma Care with Frankie McRae”.

Well, who is Frankie McRae?

Frankie is an 18 Delta (Special Forces Combat Medic). He is the former head of the US Army Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques Course (SFARTAETC) at Ft. Bragg N.C. He started his military career in the 1st Ranger Bn as an 11B infantryman. He served in the 1st Special Forces Group (ABN) Okinawa Japan, in Cco 1st Bn. 1st SFG(A) (C-1-1) where he was an assault team leader for F team,Troop 1 in the Combatant Commanders In-extremis Force (CIF) conducting operations in Operation Enduring Freedom. Advising, training and standing up the Light Reaction Company of the Armed Forces of the Phillipines (AFP). He was then assigned as an Instructor to the SFARTAETC at the Special Warfare Center and School in Ft. Bragg NC, was promoted and became the NCOIC of the course and awarded for having the highest graduation rate for the course in it’s twenty year history . He also served as a Troop SGM Troop 1 and Team SGT ODA-354 in B co 2nd Bn 3rd SFG(A) CIF in IRAQ as an Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Force (ICTF) Company SGM advisor and combat leader on many missions in Iraq and also attended the Israeli Counter-Terrorism Course as an exchange instructor.

For those of us not familiar with the acronyms with which the Army loves to speak, allow me to break this down a bit (for surely Frankie is too humble to do it himself). Frankie is a Green Beret who after extensive experience leading units in firefights in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere taught advanced firearms to his fellow Green Berets at Fort Bragg, which is one of the major bases for Green Beret/Special Forces training. As the Non-Com Officer in Charge (NCOIC) he had the highest graduation rate for the course in its history. In other words, not only does the man have a wealth of combat experience, he is one helluva a teacher as well, deeply experienced in the ways of teaching people to successfully operate in extreme adrenal state of a firefight. THIS IS A VERY RARE COMBINATION and the opportunity to learn from such a man is one to be taken.

As the headlines of our newspapers and the news programs on our TVs repeatedly attest, the flying fickle finger of fate can reach out and touch any of us at any moment be it through violence or by mishap. When you are faced with someone wounded or injured, will you have skills to bring to bear or not? With this Download/DVD you will be moving yourself forward in your readiness for such a moment.

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Frank Shamrock on the March 2008 Cover of Gladiator Magazine!

Mixed martial arts and UFC fighting legend Frank Shamrock, called “the greatest fighter in the history of the Octagon” by UFC creator Art Davie, will appear on the March 2008 cover of Gladiator Magazine, the number one periodical for mixed martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission grappling, and combat sports.

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