3 Hours & 50 Minutes of Top Notch training from Punong Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny!

“If You See It Taught, You See It Fought.” Nobody field tests like PG Crafty (the man who brought BJJ to Dog Brothers fighting) and the Dog Brothers.

Stick Grappling has three simultaneous fights:

*The stick striking

*The MMA/”Kali Tudo” ™

*The stick grappling

What may be sound in one of these fights can be a big error in one or both of the others– the key is mental fluidity and keeping track of all three fights simultaneously.

This 2 DVD/Download set is packed with field tested material:

*Getting to clinch and what to do when there; and taking it to the ground or getting taken to the ground. All previous material in this regard is given an integrated overview. With that in hand, we get to the meat of this offering: the “Rico Guard”and Anti-Guard

Volume 1 (1 Hour 48 Minutes):

Getting Into Range

The Roof Block

Attacking Blocks

Kesa Gatame & The Fang Choke

Fang His Pike

Roof – #5 – Different Putar Kepala

Left Hand Down

Possibility of Over Under

The Camel Toe Variation

Razzle Dazzle

Sapu into Little Head Big Head

The Inosanto Saw

End Reversal Into Sapu

Siete Colores Throw

The Rico

The Rico in Stick Clinch

Elbow Control

Losing The Angle: Getting Squared Up

Establishing the “Rico Guard”

Death From Above

Discovering The Options

Hip Sweep


Neck Crank into Octopus

Guard Dog

Knee spear

The Shut Down

Stick Neck Crank From The Guard

Z Guard

Guard – Omo Plata – Side Control

Left vs. Right

Rico Guard Counter – Re-Counter

Slovenian Nutcracker

Slovenian Pliers

Free Monkey

Volume 2 (2 Hours 2 Minutes):

Countering The Shut down

Get Ups

Countering the De La Riva Hook

Siniwali Leg Pass

Attack The Back Control

Interviews & Fight Analysis

Origins of DBMA Stick Grappling

PG Crafty is assisted by:

Guro Mark “Beowulf” Houston

Guro Antone “Splinter Dog” Haley

Guro Mark “Fu Dog” O’Dell

& “Catch Dog”

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