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  1. Regarding Guro Lonely’s point at 19:20 about aiming with the tip, this point is also covered in one of the…

  2. man, I have learned alot from this series. I am definitely adding parts of this to what I do and…

  3. “grab it wit your left hand and smack away”…

  4. There is a bit of discussion of the idea of using the Kalimba Game against Nguni/Zulu stick fighting at https://dogbrothers.com/dbmaa/yabbse/index.php?topic=803.195

  5. If you can teach someone to feed angles 1 & 2 by our metronome criteria, you have most of what…

  6. very,very good material. I personally don’t have enough “flight time” in on staff work. I need to get to work.…

  7. it’s funny. I naturally gravitated to this structure form the very begining,even before i knew about dog bro. and even…

  8. Powerful! Very cool. Been loving this series of training, excited to train this movement today.

  9. The footage you see here is from the very early days. I had just begun with the Machado Brothers in…

  10. Loved this! Great talk from Crafty at the end. Supportive but also real. That was some powerful fluid shots though!…

  11. Throwing my hat in with the other comments. Big resonator and a reminder of what to do when it gets…