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  1. This was a great session, sorry I missed it. I’m knee deep in a job application and a youth program…

  2. That fight got my blood hot lol. Great fighters, what a come back! I bet more than once a knight…

  3. Woof: Some timestamps: 00:09-00:43 1. Have your will written. 00:45-00:51 2. So far as is possible, be on good terms…

  4. Yes, punyos from the guard are potent! Indeed, done with full intent, serious lasting damage can be done. You ask…

  5. Punyos from the guard look nasty! Wondering the best way to control an opponent while IN their guard. It looked…

  6. The name for what you call “Lead Foot Goes Back” is “the Lutang”. The term comes to us from GM…