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  1. this drill is sublime…the beauty is in the simplicity. it’s for things like this that I am a member.

  2. So many things to think about here. For years we have practiced in training and sparring this right thrust with…

  3. Link to trainer https://www.vulpestraining.com/products/patu-trainer

  4. Marc, as a weapons guy I thought I would share a new toy I really like. Earlier this year on…

  5. This is why I pay my monthly subscription! Great teaching, great advice, and always food for thought. Great stuff. Thanks…

  6. Game changing stuff. Really liked the break down on the combinations while moving. Thrust while stepping / cut when in…

  7. Just what I was in the mood for! Thank you so much for putting the seminars up in video format,…

  8. To be precise, the starting point for th running over the head leg lock attack was Renato Magno, a BJJ…

  9. Excellent series of techniques, simple and everything connects together. I like how the arm drag and russian tie chain together…

  10. “mismatched lead with Dracula blitz” To be precise with our terminology, Dracula Blitz is an opposite foot & hand modality…