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  1. Wow that arm lock from guard is phenomenal. Have never thought of reaching over like that. Closest I’ve seen was…

  2. Wow, that was a brutal fight. The choking sound especially! Hardcore. We’re working on this movement today.

  3. a) Those can openers were also missed opportunities to transition to a Running Dog attack. b) If this is a…

  4. That Mexican pullover is ideal. Do be sure not to get it too big or it will catch on your…

  5. 😳 Awesome and Comprehensive vid lesson. Answers a lot of questions and provides new nuggets of information. Flight time to…

  6. Greatly underappreciated is how Eric never stumbles on the sticks on the ground.

  7. I liked training in this space on warm, sunny days like this. What a wonderful training partner Benji is– he…

  8. Note something else: We can a) step with the same side foot e.g. the boxing jab. Done in repetition this…

  9. Bob? “Not sure where the videos from the Orange tag disappeared to. I have seen them before several times and…

  10. I’m having a helluva time putting the names to it haha! I find myself thinking in terms of meets, merges…

  11. Many years ago when the Inosanto Academy was on Rayford St. in Playa del Rey Guro was teaching and I…