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  1. For the record, the Browning knife (long out of production but still findable on used good sites) you see in…

  2. At the time of this shoot Manong Kalimba was still alive and I did not have permission to share it.…

  3. Finished watching the Bolo Game VL’s. I’ve seen this before; in fact, I own the DVD. But seeing it now,…

  4. I taught this progression to one of my students yesterday. It offered great training in kickboxing movement strategies and a…

  5. 2024, still one of the most powerful and hope giving things I’ve read. A slightly new perspective every year/after every…

  6. Love coming back and watching these again after awhile and getting a whole new appreciation/understanding. What an unexpected thing that…

  7. Really glad DBMA goes for throws over take downs. Helps me connect with the historical arts that did the same.…

  8. Woof Ryan: I want to thank you for bringing DLO 2 back onto my radar screen. There is some very…

  9. Apparently I have posted on the wrong fight here– whoops! Taking my comments above to the Kabaroan thread on the…