Krabi Krabong – 01 – Basic Striking

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8 thoughts on “Krabi Krabong – 01 – Basic Striking”

  1. The Off-Lead is tremendous. When fighting single stick back in the day, we all circled in one direction, favoring Strong Side Forward.

    Now we can chase our tails going in the other direction.

    This was a huge game changer for me as I could now cut in and cut out on a greater variety of angles.
    Prior, I though I must have double sticks to feel safe circling in the other direction.

    The single stick off lead structure works very well when your opponent has double sticks.

    And the range gained when simultaneously stepping through with a block which converts to a strike…😎

  2. Yes, it is a boat bumper. No idea as to its specific size, and I’m thinking that variations in size will not matter much for the purpose at hand.

    What does matter is that

    a) it is likely to degrade much slower than canvass of a heavy bag from the stick strikes; and

    b) the stick flows more smoothly upon contact. Contrast canvass where the stick tends to come to a stop.

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