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3 thoughts on “Preemption”

    • Also in this series I’ve seen acknowledgment of eye hits and biting. Truly, in a life or death would any of us be so squeamish as to deny our enemy the loss of an eye or to bite at their neck? There is NEVER an effective answer from any system regarding this because only complete systems teach you this. This is real self defense.

      Sorry if my comment sends eyes rolling, but only those who have not really looked or thought about this stuff are rolling their eyes. Your innocent life is worth more then some as*hole trying to kill you to buy some stupid drugs.

  1. Many years ago when the Inosanto Academy was on Rayford St. in Playa del Rey Guro was teaching and I asked “Guro, is that where the false lead would fit in?”

    “Marc Denny! That’s a really good question!”

    He then went on a tear for 45 minutes about the false lead that changed how I looked at things forever. I am still working on what he revealed in those 45 minutes.

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