New Download: The Kalimba

Many of the most potent stories in martial arts revolve around going to the Homeland of the Art and meeting an Old Master who, if he finds you worthy, shares of his knowledge and wisdom with you.

This download is a part of what I learned from such an Old Master in the Philippines, and yes there is some footage of him.

For the last 17 years what you see here has been available only as a “Vid-Lesson” for members of the DBMA Association. I share it now as part of my duty as a son of the Art to see that this piece of what makes the FMA so deep survives– and that Manong Kalimba gets credit for it.

As far as the specifics go, it is about developing true merging skills for one’s staff and stick fighting and by so doing transcend to limitations of fighting only with “smash & bash” and “evade & counter” games.

My training partner here is Guro Lonely Dog– as always gratitude for his highly skilled assist in helping me tell the story.

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