Kali Tudo 2 – The Running Dog Game

Now available in the Online Vid Lesson Archive! Kali Tudo 2 Unit 1 Introduction Unit 2 The Adrenal State Unit 3 Strength Exercises Unit 4 The Hermosa Clan Unit 5 Kali Tudo Trapping Building Blocks Unit 6 Rhythm Unit 7 Hubad Unit 8 The Running Dog Game Unit 9 Conclusion

Snaggletooth Variations Online Course Now Available

Greetings DBMA Association Members! Snaggletooth Variations is now available for our online members! Enjoy! Module 1 Snaggletooth Variations Unit 1 Dangerous Unit 2 Introduction Unit 3 The Seven Ranges Unit 4 Bilateralism Unit 5 360 Degree Awareness Unit 6 Walk As A Warrior Unit 7 Footwork Unit 8 The Top Dog Unit 9 Footwork Matrix … Read more