Detlef “Sinatra Dog” Thiem


I started in the 70s with Judo. In the quest for “my” martial art, I had closer contact with “Chinese boxing” and Pencak Silat. After a very long rest I started again to train martial arts and found myself in Jeet Kune Do and became an instructor under Ralf Beckmann. To improve the different skills I also began to study Muay Thai, Wing Tsun and ground fighting (Shooto and CSW). I eventually got involved in Pekiti Tirsia and that has never let me down. In 2006 I was asked to join the first Open European Gathering and finally, everything I have ever trained fitted into this “pattern”. The journey went on and in 2011 I became  a full Dog Brother. Now I`m more focused on the internal martial arts, which seems to me a logical development in terms of efficiency.

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