Tapado vs. Siniwali

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9 thoughts on “Tapado vs. Siniwali”

  1. Joe Tan.

    Ran into him many years later at a get together in the San Fernando Valley with GT Gaje as the guest of honor. We chatted pleasantly and he spoke well of the experience and the effect it had on him. Then he gave me a wood, not rattan, tapado stick which he signed for me.

    • Yes.

      The Tapado game is very much a “stand and deliver”– here I make my standard and I will deliver upon thy head.

      Someone with greater mobility, which would be most people, simply gets to choose if and when there is interaction.

      I would add the importance of knowing the ability of your blocks to handle power. Tapado’s bet is “You can’t handle this”. If you can, , , , there results are as we see here.

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