9 Count Variations

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12 thoughts on “9 Count Variations”

  1. It is on the Krabi Krabong DVD at minute 00:42:00, Salty Dog, shows it as an eight count movement with an additional option. The DBMA is a great resource to digest the dense amount of information presented. Each DBMA dvd is about 6 months worth of lessons condensed down into 90-120 minutes. Its cool to have the software (the knowledge presented) but making sure your hardware(physical pratice) is compatible to the knowledge is hard. I have spent 6 hours roughly give or take everyday praticing the material and testing it sparring empty hand. I think I have only gained a survey understanding and tightened things up. But, without a doubt the material works and gives you a handle on aggressive opponents. The ability to dominate over tougher opponent is given in these techniques if you believe in them. The count variation was to instruct soldiers to pratice in large groups. Then everyone would spar 10 at a time everyman for themselves. So keep in mind your own creative application when you watch.

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