Lonely Dog Lessons

Greetings DBMA Association Members! Online Course Update from Guro Lonely Dog Benjamin Rittiner! Lonely Dog Weekly Combo #5 – Uppercut – Backhand Visit Course Benjamin is contributing his weekly lessons to the DBMA Association to help everyone train at home. Enjoy!

Solo Abecedarios – March 20, 2020

Greetings DBMA Association Members! Another vid lesson in our Abecedario series is now available. We are doing several of these in podcast format for the next few lessons. Two more lessons in this series have already been filmed and will also be ready shortly! Enjoy! Solo Abecedarios – March 20, 2020

Die Less Often 2

Online Course Update: Die Less Often 2 Unit 1 Introduction Unit 2 Briefing Unit 3 Dodging Bullets Unit 4 Access Unit 5 Concealment & Appendix Carry Unit 6 Basic Anatomy For Gun Fighting Unit 7 Bilateralism Unit 8 Not Getting Shot Unit 9 First Drill Unit 10 Incorrect Ready Position Unit 11 Airsoft Unit 12 … Read more

Long & Short

New Online Course from the archive. Long & Short from Guro “Lonely Dog” Benjamin Rittiner. Long & Short Unit 1 Introduction Unit 2 Backhand & Thrust Unit 3 Backhand & Check Application Unit 4 Backhand & Check Focus Mitt Drill Unit 5 Forehand & Thrust Unit 6 Forehand & Check Application Unit 7 Forehand & … Read more

Die Less Often 1

Greetings DBMA Association Members! Online Vid Lesson Archive Update. Die Less Often 1 Unit 1 Zero To Six Unit 2 Footwork Matrix Unit 3 Intro To The Kali False Lead Unit 4 Empty Hand Theory Unit 5 Brachial Stun Unit 6 Eye Jab Unit 7 The Kali Fence From False Lead Unit 8 Street Smarts … Read more