Members Articles

Module 1 Members Articles
Unit 1 1940s Marine Small War Manual WSJ  
Unit 2 A Personal Account Of A Headhunting Raid  
Unit 3 Backlash In Borneo  
Unit 4 Bando Bloopers  
Unit 5 Championship Fighting by Jack Dempsey  
Unit 6 Combat Human Factors PPCT  
Unit 7 Concealed Weapon Detection  
Unit 8 Damaged Brains & The Death Penalty  
Unit 9 Danger "Leaks"  
Unit 10 Deception Cues and Stress Leaks  
Unit 11 Dhanda Staff - An Ancient Weapon Of Combat  
Unit 12 Dirty Fighting by Lt. David W. Morrah, Jr.  
Unit 13 Dog Brothers Featured in MAI Magazine  
Unit 14 Edged Weapon Wounds  
Unit 15 Filipino Politics  
Unit 16 FMA Historical Fact or Fiction  
Unit 17 From A Military Doctor  
Unit 18 General Patton  
Unit 19 Ghetto Blasters  
Unit 20 God Created Dog  
Unit 21 Grandmaster Antonio "Tatang" Illustrisimo A Brief Profile  
Unit 22 Gun Refresher Course  
Unit 23 Hepatitis & Contact Sports  
Unit 24 History & Events Of The Philippines  
Unit 25 Intelligence Gathering for Personal Safety  
Unit 26 Jungle Patrol  
Unit 27 Justifying The Right to Self-Defense: A Theory of Forced Consequences  
Unit 28 Killology  
Unit 29 Krabi Krabong  
Unit 30 Lonely Dog Interview  
Unit 31 Long Wait For A Way Out  
Unit 32 Lowering The Victim Profile  
Unit 33 Martial Arts Case Brings In Guilty Verdict  
Unit 34 Morro Bay Shooting  
Unit 35 Performance Training Journal  
Unit 36 Pre-Attack Indicators: Conscious Recognition of Telegraphed Cues  
Unit 37 Pre-Attack Postures  
Unit 38 Pre-Contact Assessment  
Unit 39 Pre-Incident Indicators  
Unit 40 Put 'Em Down Take 'Em Out  
Unit 41 Rebellion  
Unit 42 Rebels Up In Arms  
Unit 43 Rethinking the 21-Foot Rule  
Unit 44 Reviving A Savage Practice  
Unit 45 Safety Searches  
Unit 46 Saved By The Militia - Arming An Army Against Terrorism  
Unit 47 Snake Range  
Unit 48 Spirit of the Bayonet  
Unit 49 Squatting  
Unit 50 Starting From Standing  
Unit 51 The Coming of the Dog Brothers to Europe  
Unit 52 The Fighting Man of Japan  
Unit 53 The Psychology of Security  
Unit 54 The Right to Keep and Bear Arms: DC vs. Heller  
Unit 55 American Bando Staff  
Unit 56 Too Legit To Quit  
Unit 57 Training Camp - Take 2  
Unit 58 Unusual or Concealed Weapons Book  
Unit 59 Your Survival Resource