DBMA Association Curriculum Overview

Dog Brothers Martial Arts (DBMA) is the system founded by Guro Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny, the “Guiding Force” of the Dog Brothers. With DBMAA (Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association) and the DBMA IA (Dog Brothers Martial Arts Instructors Association) you receive a coherent, well organized system with the mission statement of “Walk as a Warrior for all your days”. As we like to say “In search of the totality of ritual and reality.” 

DBMA has the following three basic areas

A) Dog Brothers Real Contact Stickfighting, Filipino and other Southeast Asian Martial Arts

B) “Kali Tudo” ™: This is our empty handed sub-system for MMA

C) “Die Less Often” (DLO): the interface of gun, knife, and empty hand

The first two areas lay the foundation for the DLO. Unlike most systems which have different responses for when the adversary is armed or unarmed, DBMA seeks “Consistency across categories”. By this we mean that our responses are essentially the same whether our adversary is armed or not and whether we are armed or not. This means that our responses are faster than would be the case if we had to select which response to use– and quite often in the street there is not enough time to determine whether the adversary is armed or not. There are Law Enforcement and Military versions of the DLO curriculum.

Just as some students will want to focus on one area, some will want to focus on another area, and others yet will rotate amongst the areas so too the instructors who become part of the DBMA Instructors Association (DBMA IA) can choose their focus after the foundation material is taken care of.

Lets look at area each individually:

A) “Dog Brothers Real Contact Stickfighting”

This is what put us on the map. Although the early free-wheeling UFC turned us down as a special event for being “just too extreme”. For many reasons we keep the values of our fighting thoroughly amateur.

Guro Crafty

The core of DBMA and DBMASP is based in the Filipino Martial Arts, principally Inosanto Blend Kali along with Lameco Eskrima, Pekiti Tirsia, and others. Other influences are Kraki Krabong (the Thai military weaponry system from which the ring sport of Muay Thai originates) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Hayastan Submission Grappling, Silat, Savate, Jun Fan Gung Fu, and others.

Guro Marc has trained with some of the finest martial arts teachers in the world. He is a private student of Guro Dan Inosanto and has trained extensively with several of the finest teachers in the world.  His deep background and its value to him as a fighter, as a teacher, and as a coach to fighters gives Guro Marc a perspective in stark contrast to many other fighters who tend to disregard or even disrespect martial arts. Know that in DBMAA and the DBMA Instructors Association the martial arts training you already have will be respected and interface well with DBMA.

B) “Kali Tudo”™

Kali Tudo

This is our subsystem dedicated to testing our empty-hand in the context of the cage, but evaluating it by the criteria of street application. The meaning to the name “Kali Tudo” is a bad pun on the Brazilain “Vale Tudo” (roughly “Valid Total” i.e. “anything goes”) which was the more brutal forerunner to today’s MMA. The purpose of Kali Tudo is to achieve “consistency across cateogories”.In other words, to use the same movements whether you or your opponent/adversary is empty-handed or with weapons because in the street often there is not time to discern which is the case and to choose a different response accordingly.

C) DBMA’s innovative “Die Less Often” (DLO)

Die Less Often

This curriculum addresses the interface of gun, knife, and empty hand. This is the civilian version of the program that Guro Marc teaches elite military and federal, state, and local law enforcement entitites. The tools, tactics, and techniques of this area are taught in the context of:

*MUC: Managing Unknown Contacts
*Legal, moral/spiritual issues
*FOF: Force-on-force drills and scenario training

No “martial arts and crafts” here! Real time is no time for maiden voyages! If your students and you are going to rely upon this material when things go sideways, it needs to be tested in the adrenal state.

Guro Marc was the US Army’s subject matter expert for stickfighting for its Modern Army Combatives Program (MACP) and is a Level 3 Instructor in MACP. Elite military units hire him to teach the military version of DBMA’s DLO material to their “tip of the spear” units. Federal agencies hire him to teach their people, as do state and local LEO departments, US Air Marshals, and corrections officers. For your students whose focus interest is to prepare and test themselves for street application DBMA SP’s curriculum offers you a highly innovative and adrenally tested system which can serve them right away AND give them material in which they can deepen as time goes by.

No matter what your school’s mix of ritual fighting, martial arts, and reality the DBMAA always operates with “The Three Fs: Fun, Fit, and Functional.” The training is always fun, it always promotes fitness and good health, and it maximizes your odds when the chips are down.

We are offering you a chance to learn first hand from actual Dog Brothers who have fought countless times using these techniques and then offer that instruction yourself to your students. You can take full advantage of our years of experience, in the adrenal state and be sure that what we are showing you works at full speed, against a highly skilled resisting opponent. You won’t have to just take someone’s word for it. You will know that it has been used time and time again, in actual fights, against someone who knows how to fight.

We can teach you to “Walk as a warrior for all your days.”

“If you see it taught, you see it fought.”

“In search of the totality of ritual and reality”©


If you are wanting more information on how to join the pack, contact Guard Dog and he can get you started asap!

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