Dave “Stray Dog” Rothburgh


Dave’s study of martial arts began at age 15 when his dad dropped him off at the YMCA to learn Boxing, Wrestling, and Hapkido Karate. Fourty years later, the journey continues and his studies have included Kali, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, BJJ, Fencing, Western Bowie knife fighting , Comtech, PFS, Pistol Craft, Japanese swordsmanship, Aiki-bujitsu and earning his “Dog” name with the Dog Brothers.

His main focus of instruction is on edged weapons, their related skills and attributes.

  • Progressive Fighting Systems Phase II Instructor /Paul Vunak Combat Technologies Inc.
  • Western Bowie Knife/James A. Keating
  • Aikibujutsu 2nd Degree Black Belt/Toshishiro Obata
  • Shinkendo Kenshuin/T. Obata
  • Sabre Fencing Le Salle Gascon/Maestro M. D’assaro

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