Kai “Suicide Dog” Schilling


For almost twenty years, I have journeyed through various martial arts, in search of something that would capture and hold my fascination.

To fight at the “Gathering Of The Pack”, means to me to have arrived. I’m trying to evolve as a fighter and trainer.  I enjoy meeting like-minded people with which I can share this. I’m not a fan of titles and graduations, as they rarely say something about the actual quality. However, there are exceptions …

After numerous full contact fights, I was inducted in September 2008 into the “Tribe” as “Dog” Kai-Lütje Schilling. I fought on and was accepted in August 2010 as Kai “C-Suicide Dog” Schilling. Now, after 6 years, I feel proud and am deeply grateful that in recognition of my performance,  I was accepted into the global community of the Dog Brothers, as “Suicide Dog”.

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