Lynn “Psycho Bitch” Brown


Lynn has been training in martial arts since 1999, and has mainly focused on Kali and Wing Chun. She has also trained in submission grappling, MMA and Aikido.

She first fought in her first Dog Brothers Gathering in 2006, and was given her Dog name in 2009. She is the first woman outside of the U.S. who was been accepted as the female equivalent (either “Bitch” or “Cat”) of a full Dog Brother, and one of only a handful to have accomplished it. Lynn’s fitness and dedication is such that in 2009, she fought at a Gathering of the Pack, just a few months after giving birth to a healthy baby boy.

She has been teaching DBMA alongside her husband Colin “Point Dog” Stewart since 2007. Lynn believes that DBMA has a lot to offer women as well as men, and would encourage anyone who is interested to try it out.

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