017 – Single Sword vs. Single Sword

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3 thoughts on “017 – Single Sword vs. Single Sword”

  1. This was a fun fight. Sword fights usually are. I’m using a custom-made sword fashioned after the one in the movie Heavy Metal 2000. The sword was heavier than expected, hence, I used me complimentary hand as support. -Maul Dog

  2. The weight and edged shape of such weapons makes for much higher risks of bone breaks, hence the need for high level control by the fighters. A woman “fighting” Gong Fu Dog gave him a nasty wrist break with aluminum sword when she got excited.

    At a Tribal Gathering this is fine, but at an Open my concern is that this looks like sparring and tends to lower the understandings of the level of intensity we are looking for.

    I will be bringing this up on the Tribal Forum.

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