035 – Double Stick vs. Double Stick

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2 thoughts on “035 – Double Stick vs. Double Stick”

  1. Clearly noting the opponent’s structure is an invaluable part of real fighting.

    First thing that catches my eye is that he does a lot of classical Double Caveman and Fluid Attack. This reminds me of Kali Ilustrisimo Double Stick.

    This is the very first structure against which we go in the Dos Triques material, yet the smaller man tends to attack frontally instead of on the forward diagonal to the outside.

    At 00:45 he does this, but instead of the footwork we show in Dos Triques for this problem he does a swing step- which by changing the lead makes for a somewhat later arrival of the strike and leaves the feet unready to continue the attack.

    Smaller man shows excellent courage and good skills but by matching physicality with a much bigger man in a sound power structure he tends to be peeing into the wind.

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