042 – Staff vs. Staff

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  1. That Rock Dog you were fighting there?

    Some sound striking technique from the both of you but lots of SDAs. Next step is sustained combinations. For example, in your case you swing horizontals well. Next step is to think of Lameco 3 and hit him with the vertical as he responds to your horizontal.

  2. Random Observations:

    This is Maul Dog’s cherry exploration with Kabaroan Compuesta Spear & Stick. (KCSS) The BTCOOC event’s not-quite-a-fight level of intensity is ideal for this kind of work.

    I’ve not yet heard from Apo’s grand daughter with his email, but I’m thinking that is likely to happen and when it does I will be sharing with him our work here for his guidance and input.

    Kabaroan Compuesta (rough meaning two weapons each different from the other) has at its core a villager system for a village to defend itself from bandits. As such, the greater potential of the spear over staff for lethality makes it the weapon to begin with. In a battle with bandits, throwing the spear is very much an option. In Kabaroan this might mean the next step is to pull a sword from its scabbard and continue the battle.

    However, as I conceive it our primary mission here is to develop a DBMA subsystem for staff & stick for DB RCSFg. Thus, this will draw heavily upon KCSS, but will also include DBMA structures as well– often we will be going against various expressions of two-handed staff and must be ready to account for its power.

    Naturally our explorations will lead us to developing our understandings of the differences between spear and staff. Indeed what we see here demonstrates this quite nicely. Notice how, lacking the potentially lethal consequences of contact with the spear and the limited power of one-handed spear the spar/fight naturally winds up in staff vs. staff.

    I’m really excited by Maul Dog’s efforts providing us with data with which to work- and notice how rapidly his game evolves during these two minutes!

    a) Maul Dog is a righty, but I see the spear/staff is in his left hand. I first learned the basics of the Kabaroan stick & spear/staff system this way, but in my recent experimentation I find I feel much better operating with the spear/staff in my right hand– note the opponent (probably a natural righty?) has his spear/staff in his right hand– thus this fight begins mirror lead (but does not stay there) and not matched lead;

    b) Something to assess: There are two high thrusting chambers for the spear/staff:
    1) with the thumb end of the spear (palm down a.k.a. an “overhand thrust”)
    2) with the pinky end of the spear

    Though it has its uses, for me the thumb end does not feel strong or intuitive- and by its nature is very wide. Frankly this appears to be the case for Maul Dog as well haha– though were he to operate it with his right hand that might improve haha.

    Question presented: How does the Overhand thrust conclude? Does it retract? This feels weak to me and not very ready for defensive work.

    Or does it carry through and if so, where does that leave us? If we have not prepared the stick to be chambered inside the arc so as to be ready for a double force power assist IMHO we will be as we see at 00:29. The stick is well positioned for a roof block, but against spear thrusts is that what we need? And what can be done with the spear in this position?

    OTOH the pinky end is very strong and natural. see e.g. 00:26

    c) We see a thumb end thrust out of a murkily defined chamber at 00:28. This looks stronger than the overhands but I would suggest exploring clearly defining the low chamber (alongside the hip– think a #5 Prison Sewing Machine type thrust.)

    d) Not a fan at all of the wide chamber at 00:31. FWIW my current opinion is that the primary thrusting chamber for thumb end is alongside the hip and for pinky end the caveman chamber. With this each of them can naturally terminate in the other chamber– and with this in place the Kabaroan game of using the stick in santikan mode to change ends can be brought to bear.

    e) at 00:38 we see good use of the overhand chamber for a roof block against a caveman.
    Question presented: How well would this stand up against a two handed staff caveman?

    As is natural in initial explorations of a radically different weaponry combination, there are many blurred lines. Is it a spear or is it a staff? If we are Kabaroan Compuesta thinking of spear against same, that is one thing. But if it is Kabaroan Compuesta going against Staff and the power that goes with it, I’m thinking that is something distinct.

    f) 01:04: Very good! This is the power assist mode I referenced above and which subtly appears in Apo Ramiro’s Double Spear clip in the Kabaroan thread on the forum.

    g) 01:06 Good pinky/caveman chamber– this looks to be much stronger than the others, notice how it naturally gravitates (albeit a bit indirectly) to the hip chamber at 01:08;

    h) 01:08 A bit flat for my taste but we see here using the potential for using the stick and the thumb end of the spear in KK type power blocking. If when we are going against staff instead of Compuesta Spear & Stick, this is going to be VERY important.

    i) 01:08 Is that Mop Game Staff I see there? Very good! I was feeling very , , , ahem , , , crafty for thinking of this during my solo work! Your work here looks good and strong. Love the way you exit the structure with a stick caveman! With a bit more confidence and a longer KK step it might have scored really well! The exploration here is well worth remembering and cultivating!

    j) 01:28 Love that you explore here spin the clock with the stick– I’m thinking a pinky/caveman chamber though would integrate much better. This too is one to remember and explore further.

    k) 01: 31 Not a fan of this structure– Contrast 01:04 wherein the stick is ready for power assist to the spear/staff.

    j) 01:38 Liking the hip chamber here. Note not only how natural the thrust looks, but also how it flows into Mop Game 01:41. Another one to remember and explore! and a nice transition into two handed staff at 01:42. Loving the fluidity in transition between structures– which is ideal for keeping him at the beginning of his OODA loop. Good stuff! I note you provoke him into dropping his stick and converting his compuesta spear mind into pure staff mind.

    Your staff work from here to the end is good, and continues to show fluidity in transitioning between games/structures.


  3. So much feedback to look at and further progress in the game. Some things do feel natural, others do not. Going to take your information and become more comfortable with it.

    Right off the bat, I admit having the spear in my left, because the stick feels more natural in my right. Although I have cultivated my complimentary hand to a point of it being alive, the safety net my dominant hand provides during exploration allows me to be comfortable with material. I compensate for speed but most importantly, power. I will work both sides moving forward.

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