2015-10 – Antone “Splinter Dog” Haley – Dos Triques – 004 – 3 Attack Variations

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2 thoughts on “2015-10 – Antone “Splinter Dog” Haley – Dos Triques – 004 – 3 Attack Variations”

  1. Many people, due to extensive training in combinations such as Heaven Six, automatically put the hand in question under the opposite arm.

    The difference is this: The under the opposite arm position is for a half beat hand hit, with the top stick going first and dealing with the bulk of the power of the incoming strike.

    In Dos Triques the purpose is for that stick to be the power block. To position it the same as the position for the half beat hand hit is to expose the forearm/wrist/hand to the trajectory of the incoming strike AND to be a weak block.

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