2016 – Euro Gathering – 007 – Single Stick vs. Single Stick

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2 thoughts on “2016 – Euro Gathering – 007 – Single Stick vs. Single Stick”

  1. that was a realy cool guard. Has anyone experimented with that stick control behind the back combined with butterfly hooks? I’m thinking that there is the potential for alot of pressure to be apllied here. I’m sure it’s not a pleasant feeling as is.

  2. As shown here under fight conditions and similar body size, it is annoying (in my case I do not care much for it because it is unpleasant to the backside of my knee joint) but ultimately not much more than a secure closed guard.

    In the DBMA Stick Grappling DVD we show a variation called “the Slovenian Pliers” wherein only one leg is used that we think is more aggressive.

    Have you seen it yet?

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