2017-09 – Open Gathering – 01 – Double Stick vs. Double Stick

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1 thought on “2017-09 – Open Gathering – 01 – Double Stick vs. Double Stick”

  1. Good awareness by both men in snake range. Arrful Dodger, Dos Triques and more are in play.

    00:36 Perfect moment for Dos Triques, perhaps the KK chambering interfered with structure recognition?

    00:40 Nice attack surge.

    00:43 Black takes advantage of having his right foot outside and of opponent’s weak position of his left arm.

    Grey goes for the headlock corkscrew. As it usually the case, this does not work out very well, though Black missed the opportunity to take size control and instead allows half-guard, but at 1:04 converts to mount.

    I cannot tell when, where, or how the knife comes into play, but good awareness of the Shut Down option at 01:30. I would have rather Black insisted on the Shut Down instead of going for the Figure 4; For Submission the Fig-4 is fine, but in fighting the Shut Down sets up easy KO and people are easier to disarm when they are KTFO.

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