Attacking Blocks 08 The Organizing Principle

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2 thoughts on “Attacking Blocks 08 The Organizing Principle”

  1. Thank you for reminding me of this one.

    What a pleasure it is to work with Benji!

    A benefit not immediately apparent from this material is that if gives the ability to movement empty handed (Kali Tudo) with the elbows at should height.

    This enables us to step through a portal to where we have a new direction from which to attack– “Death from Above” haha!

    (Remember the Boydian principle of “Change in Height, Speed, and Direction”)

    Of course, with the elbows so high, the opponent will be tempted to strike or enter below. Bolo punches from the high chamber, especially in conjunction with our footwork concepts, can do very well here. There are additional ideas as well, but do note that this must be accounted for when applying a Death from Above game.

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