Bolo Game 16

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5 thoughts on “Bolo Game 16”

  1. This video is awesome. I remember the first few times watching this DVD and was impressed by the amount of sophisticated and analytical detail.
    Going back and forth between the Kalimba and Bolo Games is a tremendous way to keep pressure on your opponent.

    I have come to enjoy playing the Time Machine Game. For those who do not know, it is a double stick game where one hand plays the Kalimba Game and the other play the Bolo Game. Having a stick in each hand helps attack to the left and right and feel safe as we flow back and forth between the two games.

    This video has opened my eyes on how I can accomplish a similar outcome with only one stick.

    Defender Dog

  2. Finished watching the Bolo Game VL’s. I’ve seen this before; in fact, I own the DVD. But seeing it now, I never realized how you can flow from:

    Kalimba Game into Bolo Game.
    Bolo Loop #2 into Kalimba.
    Bolo Loop #2 into Kalimba into Bolo.

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