Chupa Blitz

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8 thoughts on “Chupa Blitz”

  1. You have dialed in on a key point.

    Bruce Lee spoke of different kinds of speed. I probably don’t remember them all and if there was a particular order in their articulation, but FWIW here is what I remember with me testing myself by attempting to blend it on the fly into current DBMA thinking– I can see I need to work on this haha:

    Perceptual Speed – the Observe of the OODA Loop
    Recognition Speed- the Orient of the OODA Loop
    Reaction Speed- this could be the Startle Reflex or the OODA Loop in its entirety
    Initiation Speed- Speed accelerating from a dead stop
    Acceleration Speed-
    Top End Speed-

    What we refer to in DBMA as “The Boydian Principles” is “Change in Height, Speed, and Direction.”

  2. Thank you for the further explanation and details. I appreciate it.
    I was wondering about “The Boydian Priciple.” That cleared that up also.
    I did get some reps in on this blitz, this morning. Took some adjusting to the false lead for me. I enjoyed it though.

  3. “Be suddenly faster than expected…I like this a lot.”

    Note that there is also “Be suddenly SLOWER than expected”– seen e.g. at various moments in Top Gun 2. Apparently, this was a favorite tactic of John Boyd in shooting down MIGs and getting the drop on young hotshotwannabes at the actual Top Gun, where he was the head instructor.

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